To Indiana and back Part 1

This past July, after the kids got out of school for summer break, we took a trip to Indiana to visit family for a week. We left around 8-8:30 pm but after running to get enough ice for the cooler and eating dinner, we didn't get on the road until 9:30 pm. On the way up we went through West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Of course I had to take some pics wherever we went. I took so many pictures that this will be continued to another post, stay tuned for that!

Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium

Angie's List

Angie's List

 I don't know why I took that pic, I guess kinda being star struck without seeing an actual star.


We seen all that on the way to ride this bad boy, it's called the People Mover, it will take you from the Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis, to the Indiana University Hospital, then onto the Riley Hospital for Children then it backs up and goes all the way back to the Methodist. 


Next we visited a park and this is the view from the People Mover. The park has several beautiful flowers as you will see in the next set of pictures.

flower pot

purple flower

red flower

yellow flowers


They had these really huge fish in the water too, I want to say they are goldfish but I'm not to sure about that. 


They even had these awesome looking murals up under the bridges/walkways. 



Then as we were leaving, we seen this, a perfect ending to an awesome day. Rainbows are so pretty!


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