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Hello again  😆 

I made my very first printable! So exciting. I never knew how to make printables until I started blogging. Actually I've learned so much since I started, whether legal wise or fun wise. 

Without further ado…

Click the picture and receive the printable

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Now the story behind it, because everything has a story, right?

Well maybe not everything, but this one does. 

Ok so once upon a time…lol just kidding. Anyway, I grew up without a dishwasher and a garbage disposal so I learned how to clean the dishes before I put them in the sink for my mom to wash them. Fast forward to today, now I am a mother, wife, and maid. I am doing the dishes for everyone and if I'm sick or not feeling well and not able to get to the dishes that day or the next (think cold/flu), I don't want to have to scrap the dishes off when I am well enough to do them. 

I noticed that my boys were always just throwing the dishes in the sink and walking away, letting gosh knows what grow on them when they have to sit. Lets not even get started on the smell. So I decided to make up some directions for them and put it RIGHT ABOVE the sink so they know what to do. Luckily we have a sink sprayer so it gets done even quicker. I would say this would be for any child who can reach the sink or use a step stool to reach it, but it is your choice on age. 


You might have to help them with the sprayer/hot water so they don't end up burning themselves. 

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