Star Toaster Review

Star Toaster Homeschooling Online Review

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Being apart of the TOS Review Crew, we get to review a lot of cool homeschooling educational products. The latest is by Star Toaster and their online book called Orphs of the Woodlands

 Star Toaster Review

The Objective

Star Toaster Online Review

The object of the story book is to save little orphs by answering questions and getting them right. These questions are considered “jobs”. The jobs deal with different subjects like Math, Social Skills, Art, and Language Arts. The above picture is that of the Language Arts portion. In this one, they have to read the excerpt and then answer some questions related to what they just read. If they get the questions right, the next screen would show stars going into a toaster. (cute right?) They also get to pick the jobs that they want to do, each subject has about 6 or so different lessons. FYI: The social skills sometimes contain recipes that can be printed off, then they can practice cooking. 

Homeschooling Game Play

Star Toaster HS Review

Once they get all the questions right on that job, then they are able to save the little orphs along with getting points. When they have enough points they can buy homes for the orphs and stores. This is where the actual game play comes it, it reminds me of a town building game only better! Better because it requires learning and paying attention. If they don't answer enough right, then the orphs will leave and they won't be able to get them back 🙁 I like how the story starts out, they are a secret agent and must “apply” for a secret mission. They will read a couple of chapters and then they will get the “jobs”, then read more and so on. 

CJ asked to play it everyday, he liked it that much! He did always try to spend his points as soon he got them, but that is what he does with real money also. 

 The only thing that CJ didn't like was that the chapters were so long for him before he could get to the fun part. It is about 20 plus pages to read before you happen upon the jobs. So about 2-3 chapters. 

I thought it was a great idea, make them learn before play. I highly recommend it. It is age specific also, if they are in a middle grade they won't get little words or big huge ones, which I like a lot. I found the math lessons to be very humorous, the professor make jokes and made CJ laugh. They also have a vocabulary section where they learn new words and definitions and then they answer questions about them. Oh!, and the answers to the questions were pretty funny as well. It would ask a question and 1 or 2 of the answers would be something silly like asking about a math problem and one answer could be banana or I don't need to know how many cookies someone had (not real answers, but I don't want to spoil it). 

Free Trial

Right now they are offering a free trial to try them. Just click on the image below and you will be taken right there to sign up 🙂

Star Toaster Homeschooling Review

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Star Toaster Review

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