Having A Second Child: Everything You Need To Know

Having a second child is a hard decision that no couple should take lightly. It can be wonderful to have another bundle of joy to look after. But it can be a stressful time. Here is everything you need to know about having a second child.

having a second child

You have to prepare your first child for the transition

Having a second child makes things different for your first-born. You will have less time with them as you look after the new baby. Therefore, they may not react that well when the baby arrives. The best thing to do is prepare your first child for the arrival. Explain to them what will happen when their sibling comes, and what it will mean for the family.

You can get many books and DVDs which will help you to explain to them. You can also spend time with other two children families. Once the baby has arrived, it’s best to introduce them straight away. Children will react differently to the situation.

They may love having a new sibling, or they may resent the new child in their life. You should ensure that you and your partner continue as normal a routine as possible for your kid. That way, they will adjust easier to the change in their life. If relatives are visiting, get them to fuss your older child too, so that they still feel special. As much as it’s a hard transition to begin with (you will feel guilty), it’s a lovely relationship when the second child gets older.

second child

You need to have plenty of room in your home

When you have two kids, it means you need more room in your home. You will have the baby in your room to begin with. But then they will need a room which they can call their own. If you haven’t got an additional room for the child, they will have to share with their sibling. You will need to alter the room, so that they both have their own space. Try and not change too much of the room as it can cause resentment with the older sibling.

If they are of school age, you may want to give them a separate area to do their homework in peace. That way, their school work won’t be affected when the baby arrived. When the child is older, you can save some room by getting bunk beds. Kids love them, and they don’t take up much space. You can find some online such as the Cuckooland Collection of kids bunk beds which will be great for their bedroom.

You will appreciate babyhood this second time round

A lot of moms are stressed out when they have their first baby. They are unsure if they are doing the right thing, so they don’t enjoy babyhood. However, with the second kid, a lot of parents are a lot more relaxed as they have been through it before. As this feature says, you have taken one child through infancy and are aware of feeding and sleep patterns. Therefore, you will enjoy this baby’s first few months a lot more!

You will have less time with your other half when you have second kids. Therefore, try your best to spend time together on your own when you can to keep your relationship on track!

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