Protect Your Family By Protecting Your Health

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Raising a family is one of the most rewarding and important jobs you’re likely to have. Becoming a parent for the first time is scary and magical all at the same time. It’s also a time when many young parents take stock and think about the future and protecting their children. They take out insurance, write wills, and set up college funds. However, one of the most important tasks is to ensure they are around to see their kids grow up and enjoy their grandchildren. It’s never too early to start this process and ensure a long and happy life.

protecting your health

  1. Eating A Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals helps protect against many diseases. There is also growing evidence to suggest that adopting a ketogenic diet could protect against diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, epilepsy, and more. This is a low-carb diet which helps the body to burn more fat.

  1. Keeping Fit

There are countless reasons to keep fit. Like diet, living an active life helps reduce your risk of contracting many illnesses. It’s also a good habit to pass onto your family. There are lots of exercises you can all enjoy together such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc. The absolute minimum is around three hours per week, but, if possible, seek to increase this.

  1. Quitting Smoking

Out of all the positive changes you can make in your life, giving up smoking is probably the most important one. It is a contributing factor to numerous medical conditions and diseases, including cancer and heart disease. There’s also the risk you could endanger other people by passive smoking. So, if you smoke, the quicker you kick the habit, the better.

  1. Keep Your Blood Pressure At A Healthy Level


Studies show that controlling your blood pressure can reduce your risk of contracting many serious, life-limiting illnesses. Blood pressure can usually be controlled by adopting a healthy diet and living an active life. Controlling your alcohol consumption and staying within healthy limits is also important.

  1. Looking After Your Mental Health

Looking after your mental health is vital to your overall well-being. It also has a direct impact on your physical health. For example, stress is associated with autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, heart disease, obesity, memory problems, and more. There are many ways you can look after your mental well-being.

  • By establishing firm barriers and ensuring you have enough time to rest, relax and have fun
  • Identifying stress triggers and taking steps to deal with them
  • Creating a strong, supportive community of personal friends and family
  • Practising self-care
  • Taking up an exercise to benefit the mind and body such as yoga, tai-chi or meditation
  1. Getting Enough Sleep

getting enough sleep

This is easier said than done for new parents. It may take a while to establish a routine and adjust your body clock. Not getting enough sleep each night builds up a sleep deficit, and this is linked to many serious illnesses. As you establish bedtime habits for your little ones, think about setting up a similar approach for yourselves. Take time to wind down each evening and adjust your bedroom and bed if necessary.

One of the best gifts you can give to your children is ensuring they have happy, healthy parents who are there for them for as long as possible.

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1 thought on “Protect Your Family By Protecting Your Health

  1. An amazing post full of so many vital information, Jen! I think quitting smoking is the most important way to keep an individual as well as his or her family safe. What’s more is that smoking has an impact on a person’t mood and cholesterol levels as well. I personally saw my grandpa’s health and mood improve noticeably after quitting smoking using e-cigarettes. He became more pleasant than ever before.

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