Tuck Everlasting Unit Study

Progeny Press: Unit Study Review

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Progeny Press Review
When I think of Cameron, my oldest reading a book, I think of how he will remember what he's reading. In comes Progeny Press and the unit study for the book we chose Tuck Everlasting

Progeny Press Review

What did we receive

We received two downloadable files; one an answer key (because who can live without that? Not me!) and the other the study guide or unit study guide however you want to look at it.

How did we use it the unit study

We found the book at our local library but I did notice that it's on Amazon as well. I heard about this book but never read it before this myself. So we both got to read it and we went over the questions and answers together. For the most part we were on the same page but sometimes he didn't understand a section so I had to explain it to him.  

I would have him read a couple of chapters and then I would go to the unit study guide and print out that section of questions. I found that it was easier to print them out since he was already off the computer than to have him go from the book back to the computer back and forth.

As for the unit study guide answer key, I used that to know the answers to the questions or activities that he had to do. If he didn't get an answer correct then I would look at the answer key which some had the section or page where the answer could be found, which was very helpful. 

Some sections included bible verses, so we could find that section in the bible and then it would help him know how to answer the questions. Some of the answers were “answers may vary”, so with those as long as he was pretty close I counted it right, but if he was way off base, then I would help him get closer. 

What did we think

For one, I liked how it came as a downloadable file, for one I could print it out if I wanted to and for two it came as a fillable pdf. This way I could open it in GoodNotes (which is available on the iPad) and he could work on it at doctor's or anywhere else. Basically we weren't tied to the computer. 

I also liked how each section had vocabulary so he learned new words. Then there was Dig Deeper, where they had to really think about what they just read. He liked how the last section contained a word search. 

There was nothing I found that I didn't like. I really liked that it had an answer key for the study guide. I could easily see what he was getting right or wrong and steer him in the right direction. 

I also liked how it contained bible verses for us to look up and learn, we don't go into the bible much it seems. And this unit study gave us our chance to. 

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Progeny Press Review

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