Melk the Christmas Monkey Review

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What is cute and cuddly?

Melk The Christmas Monkey!

I had the pleasure of reviewing Melk the Christmas Monkey by Katie at Paradise Praises. Katie has some other great products, you should check them out! I know what you're saying, “What if we don't have a stuffed monkey?” Well the awesome part of this is that you can use any stuffed animal you would like! Awesome right? 

The part that I loved was the letters that Melk leaves for the kids. They are so creative! There are 92 pages in the book filled with 30 lessons and activities. They activities are anywhere from baking treats, making crafts, to doing family tasks. The activities are easy to complete. 

Melk teaches about God and how great he is! So I would recommend having a bible handy, that way you can do the Melk activity and then read the verse in the bible. The book recommends you set up the “Friend” in the morning so the kid(s) can wake up to find him in the special place with his letter for that day, then they read it or you can read it if they have trouble reading and then off to the activity you go! 

If you're looking for a fun, Christ-centered teaching tool to use with your kids this holiday season, Click Here to purchase Melk at Paradise Praises, or the Print version, and Kindle version at Amazon today!

Let me know what you used during this holiday activity and/or what you thought about the book.

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