HomeSchool Office Review

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

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Wow time flies so fast. I can't believe that it's almost time to send in our homeschool test results. I have to admit that I am so nervous, this being my first year and all. It's a good thing for our state of VA that we only have to send in a test that shows if they made the 24 percentile. Which I believe C.J has. He has changed so much from that aggressive kid that he was in school. Not sure if that is because he received one-on-one from me plus it being so much calmer or he just didn't have all that distractions, or maybe a little of both! 

HomeSchool Office Review

It was a good thing I was asked to review Lord Heritage‘s HomeSchool Office which helps with home schedules and school plans. 

HomeSchool Office Review

I loved the to-do feature which allowed me to give him chores and I could also put appointments coming up on this screen. I did find it a little too close together for me, maybe the calendar needs to be wider? But that is just my opinion, someone else might find that it's just right. I also loved how it counts the number of days we have left in the school year! I could put anything on this calendar; birthdays, appointments, and then anything that I needed to do and then I could come on here and look to see what all needed to be done. Then C.J could sign in and see what all he had to do that day, and then he has the option of seeing what he has to do for the rest of the week. I also liked how the “all-day” and “time slots” were separate, I didn't have to distinguish between if there was something that day or if it was something for that week. 

HomeSchool OfficeThis page we were able to input our school schedule and then the grades he got for each page or assignment.  I love how it lists the students name and the subject that we're working on. I just wish it was more visually appealing, I'm a very visual person and this was too plain for me. I need more color. But those who like the plain basic schedule, this would work for you. So your question is what all is involved, well let's break it down. They believe in POWER:

P: Plan

  • Plan subject goals and objectives
  • Build a master schedule
  • Setup lessons
  • Create projects for home or groups
  • Lay out your school budget

O: Order

  • Schedule lessons
  • Integrate home & school activities
  • Setup important reminders
  • Create customized lists

W: Work

  • Provide student access
  • View/print individual schedules
  • Follow daily lessons
  • Manage to do lists

E: Evaluate

  • Manage requirement for state compliance
  • Oversee daily attendance
  • Track hours per subject
  • Maintain grading per subject

R: Report

  • Comply with state regulations
  • Customize reports
  • Generate transcrips

They offer a 30 day free trial, then after that It's $79 annually per family and includes all updates and unlimited support! Which I find awesome, especially when you can keep track of all things school and then home too.  


HomeSchool Office Review

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