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Kwik Stix- Paint Markers {Review}

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I was contacted by a company, The Pencil Grip, to do a review of their paint markers which are called Kwik Stix, which my boys love!
Kwik Stix  We received a box of their 12 count Kwik Stix paint markers, all different colors. They are Non-Toxic, you can paint on regular paper, poster, and even construction paper and it dries in 90 seconds. They are solid tempera paint which means that it dries quickly and can be cleaned up with water.

kwik stix marker

I asked both boys to draw a picture with them and they were done so quick! I like how fast they dry, I don't have to worry about them having paint hands like other paints and markers leave behind. You know what I'm talking about, where the hand that they were drawing with has paint up and down their palm.

Kwik Stix Drawings

Austin choose to draw a popcorn machine, I think because we had just gotten back from seeing a movie. That literally took about 5 minutes, you know after he set everything up and then figured out what he wanted to draw.

Kwik Stix paint markers

Cameron choose to draw The Penguin, I'm thinking because they are addicted to their batman video games. His didn't take long to draw or color either. 

Kwik Stix paint marker

Paint Markers

I would describe them as being a glue stick with the paint looking like a crayon but with a paint consistency. If it does happen to get on their hands, you just rub them together and it comes right off.

kwik stix marker

I like how small they are and love that I don't have to worry about them spilling and making a mess all over the carpet.

We've never used paint markers before but after these, I think we can get rid of our regular messy ones.

kwik stix marker

Here is a video by The Pencil Grip you can check out:

The Pencil Grip can be found on social media so check them out:


17 thoughts on “Kwik Stix- Paint Markers {Review}

  1. These look like soooo much fun. They would be perfect for my messy little man. My little boy doesn’t have a favorite color. He seems to like them all and the brighter the better.

  2. My Eva.9, draws constantly and wants to be an artist and live in a small apartment and sell her painting to museums and galleries. I don’t think she has a favorite color, but she seems to like blues=purples-periwinkles for her room. These paints look really cool and easy to use.

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