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How To Keep Your Kids Happy And Healthy At Home And When They’re Away

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Being a parent can be a blessed experience, but it can also be tough and testing too. When you’re a Mom or Dad, guardian or Grandparent, you’re often always trying to put the interests of your children first – and why wouldn’t you? When you’re not trying to ensure that their basics needs are met (fed, cleaned, and put to bed), then you’re trying to keep them entertained or enriched. It can be a rewarding, if not tiresome, experience when you’re trying to keep a child happy and healthy, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible one.

girls hugging

If you’ve always wanted to work on ways to keep your children content and well for some time, you may have tried a lot of options, before eventually settling on a routine that works well for you. But, sometimes, you can’t find a solutions for all areas of life. As well as your little ones being at home with you, they can often venture out into the wide world (i.e. for school or visiting friends and family), and if you’ve not yet got all of your bases covered when it comes to promoting happiness and health, these pointers should help you out.

In The Kitchen

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The kitchen can be a tough place for Moms. Not only are you in there a lot, cooking and folding laundry, but it can also often be the base of some of your biggest struggles. Fussy eaters are often a parent’s worst nightmare – whether they’re your own children, or the children of others. But, you can actually keep them healthy and happy when you cook – by cooking with your children. That way, they can work on cool new recipe ideas with you, and they’ll show more of an interest in food.

At School

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When your kids finally reach school age, you can often feel lost. Before, you were their main caregiver, and now, you’re sort of sharing them with others. Not only is it hard to get your head around, but it also means that you can’t always control their happiness and health. But, you can guide it. Not only can you pack them a wholesome sack lunch, but you can get involved with school fundraisers and even schedule playdates to help them make friends.

When They Sleep


Getting your child to sleep well is another one of those common parenting battles that we all face at some point or another. But, it doesn’t have to be a battle for long. Ensuring that they’re healthy will be ensuring that they have enough sleep, but the happiness part is a bit harder. If they’re always up and out of bed, try to create a room that they love. Find a range of baby and toddler beds, along with suitable beds for growing children and even teens, online and choose one that they will love, to make the bedtime process a lot easier.

At Practice

soccer practice

When your kids go of to practice, it can often mean that they’re gone all day and some of the night. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do you best at promoting their health and happiness when they’re away from the family home. Maybe you can offer assistance, or become a coach yourself? You could even get your kids extra lessons if they will benefit them in their chosen sport or activity, or offer to help out with fundraising, uniforms, or games.

At Bath Time

Having a set bedtime routine will often mean that you experience bath time or a regular basis – probably daily. Sometimes, your children can lose focus, or get over enthusiastic when it comes to getting in the bath and washing – or even refuse to do it. So, you can keep them occupied and get them interested in bath time by working with a range of creative ideas. That way, not only is their hygiene taken care of; their happiness is too.

At Nursery

If you work and you have pre-school children that are attending nursery, or even if they go for a few hours each week, you can still work on their health and happiness, from afar. Although it may not seem like you can do much, you can take the feedback from staff and work on improving any areas of concern. This can help with socialization, eating, sharing, and many other areas of child development, to ensure that you raise a well-rounded, happy and healthy child.

Happy, Healthy Mouth


Kids and dental hygiene can be an interesting experience. Either they’re really into caring for their teeth and gums, or they hate it. Either way, you have to do what you can to promote health and happiness when it comes to oral care. One of the ways that you can do this is to make their bathroom a facilitator for hygiene. You could get a step, a fun toothbrush, and turn teeth time into fun time. Teaching them about dental hygiene might also help the process along. That way, they know why they need to be giving their teeth and gums more attention.

With Grandparents

When your parents go over and visit their grandparents, or other members of the family, you can often feel like you’re done. They’re in the care of others now, and you get a bit of a break. And while that is the case, you can also ensure that their health and happiness is still covered, by sharing your parenting techniques. If you want to keep up the good work that you’ve been doing, it’s so important to ensure your morals and teachings are being used. You can also ensure that family members are fully stocked with clothes, toys, and snacks too!

When They’re On Field Trips

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At school, all kids go to a range of different field trips. Some are more exciting than others, but you have to agree that it can be worrisome when they leave. But, you can ensure that they are healthy and happy by encouraging them to be confident and enjoy their experience. You have to trust that their guardians on the trip will keep them safe, and do what you can to will them to have a good time. If their heading outside, tell them to look out for fun things in the environment. Or if they’re going to a museum, ask them to tell you all about what they’ve learnt when they get home.

With School Work

School work is something we all want our children to be competent with. Some kids will struggle, others will flourish, but all you can do it be there to support them whenever they need you. If you want to be able to make their school work easier, to keep them happy and healthy, then there are a range of things you can do. Aside from sharing your knowledge and expertise on a subject that you’re competent in, you could get them a tutor, or look into fun ways to make studying as fun as it can be.

Pleasant Playtimes

play time

And then we have one of the most fun time of all, playtime with your little ones. It can be an experience that some parents dread, but you should look forwards to it. Not only can playtime be a relief for you all, but it can also be a great bonding experience. Aside from educational games and experiences, you can work on boosting your child’s self-esteem and improve their social skills, to ensure that they lead a happier and healthier existence, from child to adult.

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