jaded in january

Jaded In January? Tips To Help You Lose The Weight, Not The Faith

As January ticks over towards its last couple of weeks, the indulgence of the Christmas period is behind us. We've set our weight loss goals and are working towards them. At this point, we can now start to see what kind of impact those routines are having.

Of course, it's far too early to decide that you're succeeding or that you're failing. Weight doesn't just drop off and even if you lose a few early pounds, you may be merely around the corner from a plateau. There are some hard yards behind you, but also some still to come. And if you've been hitting the gym, you might have started to have some concerns.

Try to relax. As we know, it's early in the day to make any conclusions right now. And if you're wondering whether your regime is having any benefits, it helps to know a few things.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight Yet?

jaded in january
Natural snacks will do you more good than heavy meals.

There can be many reasons that weight doesn't come off the way you had hoped. Part of it may be that although you've cut out the snacks and the Christmas food, you're still eating too much. Even healthy food isn't that good for you if you're eating big plates of it.

Feel free to snack on healthy things like whole food bars. They stop you from feeling too hungry at mealtimes and piling your plate high. Also, consider your workout. Too much cardio and not enough lifting means you don't gain lean muscle mass and actually start to lose it.

Why Do I Take So Long To Recover From Workouts?

Walking is great for you – with the right shoes

One thing that derails many gym regimes is when we start to feel like it's hurting us more than it helps. It's normal, initially, to be quite stiff the day after a workout. Warming down with stretches helps. Food that aids muscle recovery is useful too. Potassium-rich foods such as bananas, as well as tart cherries and blueberries, are great post-gym snacks.

If you have flat feet, you may be sustaining injuries without even realizing it. The right shoes can make a big difference by offering arch support. Read more about the best walking shoes for flat feet here and you could get real benefits from your regime.

Eating: Little And Often Or Three Square Meals?

There is a widespread belief that we should shun the old idea of breakfast, lunch, and dinner in favor of more frequent smaller meals. If you've been experimenting with this and not seeing the weight go, it's because it doesn't work.

By eating a lot of (usually six) small meals, your body never gets the chance to enter a fasting state. As a consequence, it doesn't start burning calories as fast, and the weight will stay on stubbornly. It's okay to be hungry for a while!

Snack on healthy foods every so often to keep your energy up, but you shouldn't be having a meal every two to three hours. If you do it that way, you'll never lose weight.

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