Homeschool Planet Review

Homeschool Planet Review

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When I first started to homeschool, I felt lost. I didn't even know the first step. I joined at least 10 different Facebook groups and followed at least 10 homeschooling blogs. The first thing that I knew I needed was a planner. So I tried many still not finding the one that worked, until I found Homeschool Planet by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Homeschool Planet Review

What did I/we receive

We received a one year online subscription to Homeschool Planet which I immediately took advantage of. I was excited! In the beginning of the year when I started I took advantage of their free 30 day trial in which I didn't even need payment information, all I needed was to sign up for the Homeschool Buyers Co-op which was free. Right now until the 17th you can try Homeschool Planet for 3 months free!

The Best Features

The Calendar

Homeschool Planet Review

I love planners, so this was the biggest feature that I love. I was able to fit the boys and I on there, each having a separate calendar. Then I made another calendar for our dinner menu each night. So in all I had 4 calendars! It was great. I love how it's web-based so I can look at it on the computer (Windows and Macbook) plus my iPhone and iPad web browser. 

The planner is set up to schedule classes for homeschool and also appointments. I loved that I could add appointments to the calendar, and even put it under that person. It's pretty much an all-in-one. You can use it for homeschooling and home. I also love how there are quotes on the side and a to-do list which can be activated. On the list it can become a to-do list or a shopping list. There are a couple other widgets as well like a weather widget. 

Another great feature of the calendar part is the resources tab. Here I can add bar codes for the books that Cam is supposed to read or work on. I can also add websites that he is supposed to go to. When I enter a website and assign it and he goes to complete it that day it will show up as a link and he can click on it and go straight there. This is an awesome feature incase you are sick 1 day and they have to finish it on their own or if you work and rely on them to complete it by themselves. The assignments appear as check-offs on the calendar so they can check it off once they complete it, Cam really likes that feature. 

Homeschool Planet Grade Helper

Homeschool Planet Review

The next best thing is the grade helper. This is where you can track your child's grades for each subject. It will help you record grades for assignments like homework and classwork. Which brings me to..


Homeschool Planet Review

Some states require proof of progress so with Homeschool Planet that's possible. As you can tell from the picture, you can all your address, the school's address if you're involved in a co-op, the grades, the graduation date, and any notes that you need to include. The best part, it can be printed out if you need to turn it in. 

Attendance Tracker

Profile - Attendance

 The attendance tracker not only tracks attendance but allows you to mark off the holidays and mark off any other days that need to be marked off. When I was using it with Cam I made it line up to A.M's school calendar, marking off the days that A.M was out of school and the holidays that they celebrate. 


Homeschool Planet Review

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