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Home School in the Woods: Ancient Egypt Review

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Home School in the Woods

I was asked to review Home School in the Woods project pack called Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt. This was a totally new adventure for us being that it was a project with lap books and cut and pasting. The boys really liked the gluing part  😉

Home School in the Woods AncientEgypt

What we got 

Home School in the Woods Review

We received an email with a downloadable zip file but they also have a cd format. On the zip file came plenty of activities:

Creative Writing
A “Dining Out Guide” of Recipes
A File Folder Game
A “Scrapbook of Sights” for storing notebook projects
A Newspaper “The Kemet Chronicle”
A “Snapshot Moments in History” Scrapbook Timeline
“Postcards from Famous Folks”
Souvenir Craft Cards with a dozen 3-D projects to make
Over a dozen Lap Book Projects …and much more!

Plus it also had:

Eight Dramatized Audio Tours
Travel Tips,
Teacher Keys
Additional Resources, and 
Quick-Stop Itinerary

Projects to make

Home School in the Woods

They have so many projects in this pack, but to begin the “tour” they needed to make a travel itinerary which includes: luggage with tag, then a brochure and a passport. The boys seem to have fun with this, there were papers all over the place.

I realized that they needed plenty of card stock with the projects so make sure you have plenty on hand. You will also need to make sure you have of course; scissors, glue (tape if you don't have any), and pencils but also string, a hole punch, and white printer paper for this project. 

Home School in the WoodsDrawLikeAnEgyptian

Next they will make a scrapbook, timeline, map, and then a postcard rack. That's all just in the first “stop”! There are 25 stops in all each doing a different stop. Some of the stops, the kids will be making projects which include: recipes, project/crafts, listening to audio, making and playing a game, learning vocabulary words, or just learning about Ancient Egyptian times. They all contain something different which is also neat guessing what they will be doing the next week. 

They also got to draw an Egyptian and then color it in. They learned so much about how the Egyptians dressed. This is where the “teacher keys” came in handy, because well I don't know about you but I don't remember too much from my elementary days learning about Ancient times, so I was thankful for that. 

Home School in the Woods DiningOutGuide-Egypt

One of the “stops” had them making an Egyptian recipe book complete with recipes so they could see what all the Egyptians ate back in that time period. The easiest to make was the Watermelon Juice which just contained some watermelon and some sugar. 

What we liked about Home School in the Woods

The boys liked of course the cutting and gluing that came along with the lessons plus, they also had fun learning about what all the Egyptians wore and ate. The boys really enjoyed playing around in the kitchen making the different types of recipes then getting to try them out. Some they gave funny faces because they've never tried it before or it tasted different. 

If I had to pick one aspect out of the whole pack to base my buying on, I'd pick the crafts/projects. They learn so much more when they are hands-on, you know when they can physically put something together and learn about it at the same time.

So go check it out and let me know what you think.

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Home School in the Woods Review

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