High Impact Vs Low Impact Exercise: Which Is Best For You?

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We all know the importance of regular exercise. And the good thing is, regardless of your fitness level or age, there’s something out there for everyone to be able to keep fit. Performing high impact exercises and really going for the burn is great but it’s not the only way to get your body moving! Here are some of the ways both high and low impact exercises can benefit you.


Weight Loss and Toning

If you want to get fit or lose weight quickly, high impact exercise is the way to go about it. Activities where both feet leave the ground at the same time running, skipping, plyometrics burn a serious amount of calories in a short time frame. But that doesn’t mean that walking, doing yoga or other less strenuous activities aren’t  beneficial too. You’ll have to do them longer to burn the same calories, but these kinds of exercises will really shape and tone your body.

Effects On The Body

Runner's high’ is the way our brain responds to running, but you can get the same feeling with other high impact activities too. The brain releases endorphins into the body, the body's ‘feel good' chemical letting you experience a natural high. It’s a hardwired response, and thought to be a result of when our ancestors needed to hunt food. A huge bonus to the hard work and effort needed to workout! High impact activities massively work out the heart and lungs, which is great in people who have no health concerns. However for some people this kind of exercise can be dangerous. In this case, lower impact and gentler activities are the way to go. If you suffer with a bad heart, back or joints, high impact exercises can aggravate this. If this is the case with you, low impact would be your best bet. Both kinds of activities can make you sweat and burn calories which is what your body needs. So be sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing so you don’t overheat; loose, breathable yoga shirts can work well. And drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself before, during and after every workout.

It’s Cheap (or Free) to Exercise Either Way!

Wherever you prefer to exercise, whether it's at the gym, at home or indoors you’re always able to run, walk, jump or stretch. They're the kinds of exercises that you can do anywhere, regardless of your budget so are an excellent way to get fit.

You Can Take It At Your Own Pace

Even if you’re not a marathon runner, and you can't skip like a boxer just take it at your own pace. If you’ve not exercised much in a while, walking, cycling or lower impact activities can help to improve stamina. Then as you get fitter, you can add more strenuous activities to your workouts (health permitting).

So add some different activities to your routine, and make 2017 your healthiest year yet!

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