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So CJ is still chugging along in his homeschooling, which I am so surprised he's done so well. There were a few “I want to go back to school” moments every once in a while, but I just have to remind him that it's almost over, and if he wants to go back to regular school in September, that's fine as along as he can handle it. As you may have read from my other posts he had a hard time in school. So many people and not having one-on-one like he has a home. I think that really helps him, when we both are at the table and I am helping him with his problems. 

I'm always on the hunt for different types of material, so I was excited when I got asked to review GPALOVEMATH by GPA LEARN. Even though it only goes up to 5th grade, he really needed a refresher since he hardly knew anything that he learned in school.

I liked how he could earn special rewards like the one you see below. You can pick your own or let the program use the defaults. I like that, then they have something to work towards.The rewards range anywhere from parents doing one of the child's chores, going to the movies, to even getting an allowance. And do you see that “X” in the upper right hand corner, well if you click on that while doing the work it would read the question out loud to him, because sometimes he just didn't feel like reading. So that's a plus. I know it would be for the kids who have trouble reading, or who just learn by listening. I also liked how he could choose which area he wanted to study, it wasn't like one where he had to go in order. So we started near the end of 5th grade, trying to get him caught up with his 7th grade level. 


I honestly couldn't find anything that I didn't like! Another plus is that it is supported by all major web browsers, even the Ipad! So he could work on it at the doctor's office or in the car, so we weren't tied down to the house.  

Another great feature is the chat feature. This allows you, the parent to message them about what they need to work on or just some encouragement. They can even invite their friends who have it to and can be messaging back and forth. 

The grades are from K-5 and again you can pick what lesson you want them to do. Like say they are going into fifth grade next year, which A.M will be, I could go to the end of fourth grade on there and have him do that during the summer as a refresher course, so he doesn't end up forgetting everything he's learned before break. 

Oh and they also have three different options that you, the parent can choose and they are: doing the problems in the recommended order, that grades topics, and that grades standards. I just left it at recommended and then just chose what he needed to work on and went from there.


GPA Learn Review

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