Fun Ways To Keep Kids Active

Fun Ways To Keep Kids Active

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Kids are naturally full of energy- but with more and more of them spending their spare time behind a screen and getting out less, it can be troubling as a parent. Forcing them to get out and exercise might well have the opposite effect to what you’re after, causing them to refuse or rebel. Thankfully there are loads of fun ways you can get kids up and moving. In fact, with these activities, they won’t even realize they’re working out!

Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a great way to get kids on the move. Players use their phones to hunt and search for digital creatures, but it uses real maps, so you have to physically move and walk around. This dynamic really brings the game to life and  has been shown to be highly appealing to children (and some adults too!). It gets you walking around without it feeling like you’re specifically working out. If your kids are too young to go out alone, lace up your walking shoes and go with them and get some exercise too!

Hire a Bounce House

You can burn a whopping five hundred calories in an hour from bouncing on a bouncy house– and yet it doesn’t feel at all like exercise! It gives just about every part of your body a workout and helps to strengthen and tone as well. An incredibly fun way to keep kids active. You could invite their friends over for a party and put out some healthy snacks to nibble on. They’ll get an awesome workout while making memories and having the time of their lives. It’s a great way to get outside into the garden when the weather is nice too. Most companies give you the option of hiring for a day or a number of days. You could even buy your own and have it as something that can be used all spring and summer.

Go To The Pool

Fun Ways To Keep Kids Active

Swimming is fantastic exercise, but even just splashing around and playing in the water burns tons of calories and helps to strengthen muscles. You don’t have to get your kids doing laps like they’re on a swimming lesson, just casual swimming and play is still great exercise so head down to the local pool. Another way to have fun with water is to have a water fight at home. You could set up a sprinkler and allow kids to jump through it and play with it, turn on the hose or set up some spray bottles and water guns for them to chase each other around with.

Have Competitions

A healthy dose of competition is good for kids. You could have prizes for the winners and keep it fun and lighthearted. Hula hooping, skipping, mini races- whatever you like. You could even set up a little course with different activities and see who can complete it the quickest. If your child has friends over, it’s an excellent way to tire everyone out.

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