Egg-tastic Review

Egg-Tastic Review

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Egg-Tastic was sent free of charge in return for an honest review.

Eggtastic Review

In looking for gadgets and gizmos to help prepare Cameron to start cooking (now that he's a teen, which he has to keep reminding me EVERYDAY), lucky I was approached to review a product called Egg-Tastic.

Egg-Tastic Review

I know what you're thinking “great, another one of those As seen on tv” type products, but this one is great!

What did we receive

We received the Egg-Tastic product, which is made up of ceramic and then there is rubber on the bottom and top (basically the yellow pieces in the image are rubber). So cute how the top looks like an egg yolk!

Egg-tastic ReviewHow did we use it

It is really easy to use.

First, crack the egg in Egg-Tastic

Egg-tastic Review

Then add any ingredients that you want included. To make over hard or over easy, you just crack the egg into Egg-Tastic and then let it microwave for:

Egg-Tastic Review

I cooked 4 eggs for my Daniel (my hubby) who wanted over easy, so I did 1 minute first, and then checked it, it was still a little running so I put in for another 20 seconds like it suggests and then it was complete. For my over hard eggs, I just used 2 eggs and then did the minute and then 2 20 seconds and then that was it!

To cook my boys' eggs scrambled, I just added the 2 eggs and then filled it up with milk until it reached the line inside. Then, I put it in for the suggested minute, but then had to do 3 20 second times so that they were firm and came out looking like this:

Egg-tastic Review

Of course they had to add ketchup to it!

Now you can either put it in a bowl to eat it or just grab a spoon and eat it out of the Egg-Tastic, see so simple and easy.

Eggtastic Review

It is suggested that after you cook 3 things separately, to wait at least 20 minutes or when it cools down, to cook any more.

{Do not use without a turntable in the microwave and after cooking, handle with an oven glove because it will be hot}

What did we think

My family really liked this product, especially Cameron, it's so quick and easy. I'm trying to get them away from using the stove at all possible until they are much older, so this really helps with that. You can find recipes, videos, and directions located here.

Now you have a chance to win one for yourself and see how easy your mornings can be:

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