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Organize Puzzle On Notebook Shows Files Management And Emails OrganizationI've been asked to review SingleHop's Clean Computer Calendar. I used it for a couple of weeks and my computer now runs so much faster. Using the calendar I was able to bring order to my files, now they are easier to find. 

So to answer the questions that are related to the calendar:

  • How did you prioritize your files?

I went through and deleted files that I no longer needed or wanted first. Then I decided on the organization that I was going to be using. I wanted to make it so easy to find them, even my kids could (not really). 

  • What kind of organization did you implement?

I have three main folders that I use on my Mac: Pictures, Documents, and Downloads. So I first went through and sorted them by Title, which puts them in alphabetical order. Next, I went through the pictures and seen what I wanted to keep, throw away, or transfer to my cloud storage. Some of the documents I was able to delete but most I just left alone. Next, came my downloads, this is my default folder when I download any printables that I sign up for. Then I went to the next question. 

I then looked at all the different kinds of cloud storage options there are. And let me tell you there were A LOT. This calendar will help so much even if I follow it every couple of months. It was so quick and easy to sort everything. If you'd like your own, just click on the image and it will take you to the page to download it from. Then I found it best to save it as a pdf, that way you can check mark each day that you finish!


Comment below and tell me how your organize your computer.

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