The Testing Factor

     I remember a time when kids went to school and got grades like A, B, C, and so on.  What happened to that?  Was it too competitive?  What's wrong with a little competition?  How can the generations of the future hope to compete in a global market if they can't handle a little bit in school?      It seems like these days grades are a thing of the past.  You don't really get to know how well you did anymore.  You get to know if you are proficient, advanced proficient, or not proficient.  What is wrong with this picture?  When did kids going to school become only about the scores they make, rather than what they learn?  Some kids are great at using the material, but not so good taking tests.  We should fail them then because they cannot make the grade on a piece of paper?

     What about kids that are great test takers and learn at an advanced stage, but are not challenged enough?  A lot of these types of children do not do the homework, because they fail to see the point.  The test is to see if I know the material.  If they score high on the test, it stands to reason that they probably know the material.  Yet many of these students will get failed because they don't do the homework (part of their grade).

     Is there maybe a better way to teach our kids?  I like the idea of teaching them in a hands on type of environment, similar to a technical college.  The tests could then be given by the teacher in many different formats to allow all students the chance to excel.  Kids would learn some really useful skills and feel less stressed over all these standardized tests.   Just a thought.