Homeschooling Decided...

homeschool decided

I decided to make the plunge!

I decided to homeschool CJ this year, to mainly get him caught up on his Math that he is a couple of grades behind his 7th grade years. But more importantly I see this as an opportunity to try to connect with him. His is the oldest so maybe he thinks he is put to the back seat by his younger brother, A. But in actuality he is put to the front because of his special needs. But anyway I am still hoping that we can connect on some level.

I am also hoping to work on his anger and social skills (heck I need the social skills myself, lol) and teaching him how to cook since he is getting to that age where he wants to help out. I'm still looking at curriculum for that, so that is still on my to do list.

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I have looked at so many homeschooling curriculum over the last month and I have to admit, I did get overwhelmed. That's actually understated! It was very stressful. I looked at free curriculum and paid, centered on the pc and off the pc in workbooks, and then there are the pc programs and then there are the all internet programs, see what I'm saying, even writing it makes it sound overwhelming.

I had to think about him as a kid and put his special needs into play when deciding, which I did. I know that he is easily distracted so I know the all-pc wouldn't be good for him. It is also how we get viruses on our pc, we think he's busy working and then come back 15 minutes later and we have like 5 programs downloaded that weren't there before. So then I started looking at the workbooks, and I decided on the Lifepac ones. With that I picked the basic four subjects, you know, History, Math, Science, Language Arts. But instead of going with the bible course, since I will be using the Easy Peasy Bible course, I went with the Health Quest. I should get my materials in a couple of weeks, just in time for our September 2nd start date. My next decision is to determine a schedule, if anyone has any ideas, please share, I'm still debating.