Fourth week into Homeschooling...

Learning Curve

I have learned so much through this journey so far. Words can not even describe how much I have learned. I started out with a concrete schedule, having CJ up at a certain time, setting alarms for each subject. But in the end, I am letting him sleep in and relax more, it seems to take the pressure off of both of us.  

Subjects and Schedule

Ok, so we started out with certain plans but they just didn't work for us, so we switched it up. This is how our schedule looked before:

8- 8:30 Am Shower 

8:30- 9 Am Breakfast

9- 10 Am Language Arts

10- 11 Am Math

11- 12 Pm Social Studies

12- 1 Pm Lunch

1- 2 Pm Science

2- 3 Pm Health

3- 4 Pm Spanish

Then we both became tired of that, I knew it was a long day and he was taking way to long to finish each subject, therefore going over the allotted time. So then we decided to make it easier on both of us and use the ps (public school) middle school schedule and have A and B days. So now it looks like this: 

A Schedule

Not after 9 Am Shower 

9- 10 Am Breakfast

10- 11 Am Language Arts

11- 12 Pm Math

12- 1 Pm Lunch

1- 2 Pm Elective

B Schedule

Not after 9 Am Shower 

9- 10 Am Breakfast

10- 11 Am Social Studies

11- 12 Pm Science

12- 1 Pm Lunch

1- 2 Pm Math

Yes he has Math everyday, his idea, because he is so behind it should catch him up quicker compared to doing it every other day. Let me tell you, this is definitely a lot less stressful. Oh! and he chose Spanish as his elective, plus he has Health, so we coordinate those in and out of the schedule. Then what he doesn't get done Monday thru Friday, we end up doing it on Saturday or Sunday depending on what we have going on those days, this is just so we can check up on the week so we don't fall behind.

Well I better go and wake him up so we can get started on our day.