A Play on Words

Mize or Mise Well

So I was talking to my sister the other day about how everyone says words differently. For instance, mize or mise well, they can be spelled differently. What, you don't know what it means? It is short for might as well! I have heard this word all my life from my family, but if I say it in a conversation to strangers they are like, what did you just say, lol. So then I have to explain it to them.


This word is said differently also. I pronounce this as sher-bert, but hubby Daniel pronounces it as sher-bet and always reminds me that there is no extra 'R', I tell him that certain words have letters but are silent why can't there be words with letters that aren't there but be said? I know that would never happen, but I can think that way, right?


Another word that can be said differently is this one. I hear some people pronounce this word as crow-a-toe-an, some say crow-ah-toe-an like me, and some pronounce it as crow-toe-an like Daniel.

These words are said differently because people come from different places in the world and have all heard them say them differently. It can depend on if they live in the North, South, East, or West. It is just like being Southern or how people sound when they are from Boston.

Can you think of any other play on words that are said differently?