A trip to Iowa


We took a trip to Iowa by plane (eek). I've never been on a plane before then, and let me tell you, it was scary (yes, I am a big baby, lol), the hard part was the taking off and landing. It wasn't as bad when we were coming back home. We went to see Dan's' grandmother, to surprise her for her birthday. 


Before we went and met everyone who came in to see his grandmother, we did some sightseeing. I haven't been sightseeing since I was a toddler (going to Arizona via car), so it was really nice to be able to experience different places and to be able to appreciate them. I have lived in Utah and Indiana, but it's just not the same as visiting. You don't get used to things as quickly and they don't become too boring. 


Of course we had to take a trip to the Mall of America (I never been)! This transformer is on the roof of the Lego store. Looking at the picture you can tell that he is very tall. I mostly took these pics to show my boys (CJ and AM). They stayed behind in Virginia because they had school. So I took a bunch of pics at the store to show them. 


The Peep store, and yes it's full of different flavors and sizes. 

Iowa Mike and Ike

 This is inside of the Peep store. It's a fill-your-own bag type machine, all different flavors.

Red Hots

And the Hot Tamales machine, it goes from Hot to Fire and 3-Alarm Flavor.

We stayed at a hotel in Cresco, and of course I missed my boys the whole time, I've never been away from for more than a weekend but this was a week! I called my boys and video chatted with them every night that they weren't busy playing. My youngest AM kept asking if I was coming home that night, but I had to keep telling him not for a couple more days. Then when it was finally time for us to go home, he asked if I could wake him up when we got home, and although it was past midnight, I did. He gave me a big hug and kiss and went back to sleep, lol. 

It was a great trip, I call it our late honeymoon because we never got one.

Dan's grandmother was so surprised at how many people showed up and came out of their different states just for her. Of course she cried tears of joy. We were all hiding behind a garage door at his aunt's house. It was a nice surprise (and a great trip!)

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2 thoughts on “A trip to Iowa

  1. My husband and I just visited the Mall of America on a road trip from school in Idaho to home in Illinois. It is definitely an experience, isn’t it?

    • Yes Bobbie it was!
      Our mall here is two stories, I thought that was big, but after visiting Mall Of America, I was WRONG!!! lol

      We visited it before it was time to get on the airplane so we didn’t get to check it all out, just the first floor. I would love to go back and check out the rest of the mall, especially the aquarium.

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