5 Differences Between Wick and Wick-less Candles

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What is the difference between wick and wick-less candles?

Well let's find out…

Wick Candles

Wick Vs. Wickless Candles

You need a lighter to light them but you don't always have one on hand.

They must be watched at all times. 

Children can burn themselves on the flames if they try to touch the flame. 

Only come in plain, glass jars. eww. 

The wax can't be changed out, your stuck with that candle and scent until it burns out.

Wick-less Candles

Wick Vs. Wickless Candles

No need for a lighter, all you need is an outlet and the right size bulb. 

These are safer because there is no flame for kids to burn themselves on.

The bulb heats the wax up making it melt, therefore making the house smell fantastic.

They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and different forms. The picture above is pretty isn't it? I think so! They have sports team helmet shaped warmer, nightlight warmers, and regular shaped with really cute designs. These aren't just for women either, they can be for men also.

Don't get me started on the wax bar itself. They have so many that smell wonderful. The best part is that they can be reused and changed out. Once you're done with one scent you let it cool down some with the wax still in liquid form and then you can stick it back into the tray and then pick another scent out to use. That easy!

I became an independent consultant for Scentsy a couple of months ago, I wanted time to test it all out before I wrote about them. This is the warmer that's for the month of July 2015

Wick Vs. Wickless Candles

The best part is that I don't have to sell anything that is soo expensive, these prices are very affordable. You can become a consultant too and you'll get a ton of things, I received a warmer, a big box full of different kinds of wax samples, a bottle of sugar cookie scented body lotion (that actually smells like sugar cookies, yum), a bottle of washer beads (smells so good), a dryer bar, a bottle of body spray, and so much more. You'll basically get this stuff…

Wick Vs. Wickless Candles

Some things might be different like the scents but you get the idea. I received a scent bag but some people will receive a scent buddy (they're cute stuffed animals that hold the scent bags in them). 

But you don't have to become a consultant, you can just buy the warmer and/or scent bars that you like. 

Just FYI, they have a scent bar of the month and a warmer and scent bar of the month. You pay a certain amount each month and they automatically send out the scent bar and warmer or scent bar for that month. I think that's pretty neat.

Well if your thinking about it and have any questions just ask 🙂 I'm here for you. 



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