Watchitude- The Watch With Attitude {Product Review}

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If your kids are like mine, you buy them a watch and within a week it's broke. Well sometimes not broke, maybe taken apart? Oh course they had to, they needed to know what made it tick.

My boys always take the water resistant or water proof to heart, they'll take it into the shower, bath, swimming pool, anywhere that has water and then wonders why it's not working.

If that wasn't enough, the band always gets broke, caught on something, sometimes it would break halfway down, right were they fasten it, there's no fixing that! What's the story we always heard from them, they don't remember, they don't know how it happened.

So you think you'll get smart and buy them a watch with a Velcro strap, what's the most that can happen? They have to play with it, strapping and unstrapping until the Velcro is all worn out now it won't strap anymore. (Face palm)

I think I've found our solution, parents rejoice! How about a slap bracelet with a watch on it? You know those ones made popular in the 80's. Kids were always slapping them on their wrist.

Watchitude- The Watch With Attitude

Watchitude has heard our call, they've made a strap more durable than the watch band made using rubber and more lasting than the watch band made using the Velcro strap. I don't know about you but when I wore the band made of rubber, my wrist would always break out with little bumps.

Why is it called Watchitude? It's a watch with attitude. It has an analog watch face which can be paired a slap bracelet that they like. There's ones for girls and boys.

Our Thoughts on Watchitude

The boys thought it was pretty cool, it's different! Austin just wished it had a light with it and Cameron wished it was digital.

The watch part does come off, I think that's great, it can be a watch or it can just be a slap bracelet. That also allows you to change the bracelet out, so you could pick a different one and show off that attitude.

On the back it does state that it is splash proof not swim proof.

If you visit the Watchitude website you'll find:

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