UnLock Math Review

UnLock Math Review

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So Cameron has decided that he wants to go back to school and try it. I told him it was ok as long as he would try to be on his best behavior, but the first time he gets into trouble, I will pull him out again. Since Cameron is going into the 8th grade, man does time fly, and since he just scrapped by on his CAT test by the skin of his teeth, he needed a math program that he could work on during the summer so he wouldn't forget all he learned. So in comes UnLock Math with their program UnLock Pre-Algebra, which was prefect for him. 

UnLock Math Review

What We Received

We received this wonderful online program for a full year. It is clouded-based which means that can be used on anything that can run Java like; Windows, Mac, and Linux. The browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The lessons take about 30 minutes each to complete, usually taking about 9 months. They also have worksheets and guides that can be printed out and then worked on as extra practice. 

What We Liked about UnLock Math

The best part is that it is a full complete math curriculum so we will be using this over the summer and on the weekends when he says he doesn't understand something that was taught in class or on that is on his homework. I liked how he had to “unlock” each lesson, this way they don't automatically go onto the next lesson. I also liked how they showed different graphs that way they can understand how many they got wrong and right in a few different ways. Each lesson included a progress report, so they can see how they are doing in each area, what they can improve on. and what they did awesome in!

UnLock Math Dashboard

Since I couldn't find anything that we didn't like about it, I'll tell you more of the features 🙂 The image below shows more details of when you click on the dashboard. Once they click on the rocket and “launch it” based on what category they want to learn about, the next screen (below) will show the different lessons for each category. Then once they pick a lesson within that category another screen will pop up with a few choices, they can go in order (which I recommend) from the Warm-Up, to the Video Lesson, then they will get to practice what they just learned about in the lesson. 

UnLock Math navigation

This is such a great program! If I had to pick one feature that I really enjoyed, it would be the videos and the warm-ups, I know that's 2 but they go hand in hand. This would be great for homeschoolers and formal schoolers. For homeschoolers, it is a complete curriculum as I mentions above, but for formal schoolers, they could watch the videos during the week and on the weekend do the warm-ups and the practice, just so they don't forget over the weekend. 

When we used it, we worked on it in the mornings since he was used to doing the warm-ups in the mornings at his public school, plus he doesn't like math very much (who does?!) so we were able to get it out-of-the-way.

I hope you'll check it out and come back and tell me what you thought.

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UnLock Math Review

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