To Indiana and back Part 2

Hey! I'm glad you're back! 😀

The next place that my husband and I visited was the Indiana Museum of Art or IMA for short. Here we looked at different types of art:

The stained glass that we seen

stained glass

There were a lot of different stained glass pieces.

Bull Sculpture


I thought this was pretty neat with the person riding backwards on a bull.

A reptile vase


I thought this was pretty neat as well, and yes this is on the floor and it is waist level if not higher on me, it is that big!

The day before we left, we took the boys fishing:

fishing (1)

This was kind of like a nature park, where you can go fishing but you must return the fish to the pond, well my boys didn't know that at first, heck I didn't know, so when they came to show me, everyone kind of freaked out. But the fish made it back safely in the pond and everything was good.

As we were driving through Ohio:


I thought this was cool, I've never been through Ohio before. Yes, I know I am a dork, lol. 

Then as we are driving through Pennsylvania:

gold stemple

My family and I had a great time, we try to take turns between family coming and us going there every other year.

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