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Thank You For The Neighborhood Alarm Clock

For the last couple months we've been woken up around 4 am every. single. morning. rain or shine by our neighborhood alarm clock.

How do you ask?

Apparently one of our neighbors must have seen this commercial on t.v (not really) and decided to take advantage of it.

The Perfect Alarm Clock

Thanks for tuning in folks, boy do we have a great deal for you today!

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Are you tired of using batteries for your alarm clock? We all know you can never find any because your kid needed them for one of his hundreds of toys (relatives, if you get kids any toys that require batteries, please provide them as well). 

Are you tired of being late for work because the power went out while you were sleeping and now it's all messed up?

Are you tired of forgetting to set the alarm on your phone when it was a long weekend and you forgot to turn it on?

Well do I have the solution for you!

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This awesome alarm clock will automatically go off between 4-4:30 am every morning, rain or shine.

But wait that's not all folks!

Get this, you don't even have to hit the snooze button, because it will automatically go off around 5-5:30 am every morning, rain or shine, then about 30 minutes to an hour until it sees everyone is awake and then it will stop going off (probably to go lay down somewhere and get itself some sleep). How awesome is that!

Boy, your neighbors are going to love you for this! Especially when you let it run around the neighborhood!

For the love of sleep, PLEASE come get this thing!!!

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2 thoughts on “Thank You For The Neighborhood Alarm Clock

  1. Hah! That stinks. I live in a rural area and half the people out here (including myself) have a rooster. I understand. For that reason (and many other noisy ones) I can’t sleep without a window unit in my bedroom. Many, many years now we turn on window unit every night (even in winter) to drown out outside noise. Maybe you have to find something to drown out your little problem. Good luck to you!!!

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