Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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Super Teacher Worksheets

 We were recently asked to review Super Teacher Worksheets and their individual membership (click to sign up).  If you like not having your kid sit in front of a computer and do his or her work, this is perfect for you.

What did we receive

Since Super Teacher Worksheets is an online website, we received access to the site for a full year, so if you have questions about something like if they have a certain subject or worksheet feel free to contact me using that little blue tab on the right hand side of the screen 😀 . Also, since it is an online site, it can be used on both a Mac and a Windows PC. You can get to it using a tablet but unless your device is print enabled, I don't think you could print from it.

Super Teacher Worksheets

As you can see from all of the images they have the two major subjects; Math and Language Arts. Plus activity sheets, so it's not all about work, there are play sheets as well. The images are just from the older grades like 4 and 5th since I reviewed this with both boys who are now in 5th grade (Austin) and 8th grade (Cameron). They also have younger grades as well. It is for grades Pre-K to K and then 1-5, but since Cameron has trouble with Math, we used the 4-5th grade ones.

Here are the types of sheets they have:

math worksheets
reading comprehension stories
spelling lists
handwriting practice sheets
grammar worksheets
holiday printables
and much more

They even have teacher sheets like lesson planners, gradebook sheets, student awards, and student agenda sheets. And if that wasn't enough they even have make-your-own sheets! Now that's awesome, huh?

Here is the full site index so you can see what all they do have.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets

How did we use it

How did we use it, you mean how didn't we use it, there's basically an unlimited possibility! At first I was just printing the sheets out as they were, but then the boys found out what all it had and could do, and then they were asking me to print them out the word search and crossword puzzles. Then if that wasn't enough, they had me make special ones like for their games (Minecraft and Terraria).

What did we think

Of course with all those fun activities, they boys loved it. My printer of course loved it, it got a good workout 😆 As for me, I loved it as well. I liked all of the “meat” that the site has. Oh and I just remembered something. Since the worksheets all open in a PDF format you could use it on a tablet without printing it. That way they can work on it at appointments or if you just want to save paper.

What I did:

Open Super Teacher Worksheets in a browser

Next, find the worksheet you want them to work on and select it

It then opens up in a PDF, then select “Open In…”

I use GoodNotes on my iPad

It sends the worksheet there and then they can either draw the answers using the “marker” feature, or if they press and hold they can select the “text” feature (which I prefer, a lot neater).

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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