Stinky Kid Math Review

Stinky Kid Math: Online Math Review

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Stinky Kid Math Review
Since I sent Cameron back to public school at the beginning of this year, to try again, I know that he still needs help at home with his math. So I was fortunate enough when Stinky Kid Math asked for us to review their online math program called Stinky Kid Math.

Stinky Kid Math Review

What did we receive

Stinky Kid Math is an online program, so you don’t have to worry about installing anything. It works on Mac and Windows computers, it even works on an iPhone and iPad except for the games, they say they are moving the games into a non-flash format. It works with all the major internet browsers. We received access to the program for 6 months to use with up to 3 kids. 

How did we use it

Since it is for middle and high school students, I let Cameron use this one.

They cover pre-algebra, algebra. and geometry, while using video lessons, their own math book, and worksheets that they created.

Stinky Kid Math Review

Since he is in the 8th grade now, but during the summer, I had him use the pre-algebra part of the website to have a kind of “refresher” course. He forgets easily if we don’t have him do something during the summer.

Stinky Kid Math Review

So I had him watch the videos and then we would read over the book, then I would print out a worksheet if it had one with that day’s lesson. Then finally after we were all done, I let him play one of the games that were there.

Stinky Kid Math Review

I’d say it took us about an hour or two, especially when he has to go back over it a couple of times to really grasp the concept. Then to read the book and do the worksheets. If it takes your child shorter to grasp math then I don’t think it would take them as long.

What did we think

What did we think? Well for me with all the lessons, videos, and worksheets that they offer, it's worth it for the $9.99 a month fee.

Cameron learned a lot from the videos, seeing the problem being solved right in front of him, and then to in grain it in him more, the books and lessons helped also. 

Cameron liked the games, of course, what kid doesn't. I tried to ask him about the product in a whole and of course, all he says is “good”

So in my opinion, the videos were in-depth. First comes the definition, then it asks “What's the point?” where it explains why you are doing something to the problem. Next, comes the “Key hint” in solving the equation. Lastly, comes the examples to practice with.

I liked that I could print the worksheets out so he's not stuck on the computer the whole time. Or if you don't have a printer, they can always just write down the question. Another reason I love the worksheets is because unlike some companies has the problems and answers on the same page, these come on separate pages to where you, the parent, can print them out or just look at them on your computer or device. Awesome right?

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Stinky Kid Math Review


Stinky Kid Math Review


Stinky Kid Math Review

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Stinky Kid Math Review

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