SmartKidz Media Review

SmartKidz Media Library Review

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I was asked to review this awesome new kids video library by

SmartKidz Media called SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers. We received a year subscription so I will continue to use this throughout the summer with both of my boys. 

Now let's talk about the awesome features:

SmartKidzMedia Categories

SmartKidz Health Videos

SmartKidz Media Health

These are the ones that I liked to watch. Hey I know it says Kidz, but I can have fun too, right? Yeah and I did! I'm not ready for Pilates yet but I watched the Bodyforming video, it was a little fast paced for me, but I am finally getting into shape. The Aerobics for Kids was more my pace  😉 They have other videos for adults like cooking classical music, and fine arts. 

SmartKidz Study Guides

SmartKidz Media Social Studies

I liked how they had different subjects for my boys to watch and learn from, like this one above for Social Studies. The 50 states study guide lists the States and then facts about them, which you can see an example of below of our state. They also have Language Arts, Math, and Science. Pretty soon they will be adding electives like accounting and foreign language. 

SmartKidz Media Study Guide

SmartKidz Media Science

SmartKidz Media Science

Both of my boys really like the Science videos like the above pic shows, the ones that show how something works or shows how things are made. These were really neat, I must admit. I enjoyed them as well. They also have sports and animal videos as well. 

SmartKidz Media Special Needs

SmartKidz Media Lessons and workbooks

Ah yes, they even have a special needs category. This contains Lesson videos, an interactive workbooks, and then there is a printable workbooks. The printable workbooks have lessons like matching the symbol and vocabulary words. For an example of a video; the Making Lemonade video will read the book on how to make lemonade. Then when they watch the interactive workbooks it will read it again but this time it will underline important words. When you print out the workbooks there are pages for them to complete. I really like this for my boys so they can learn how to do certain things. They have tons more plus tracing workbooks if your child needs that. As you can tell by the above picture, there is also a lesson on making pizza and baking cookies. Yum! 

SmartKidz Media Ebooks

SmartKidz Media Ebooks

Yes they even have ebooks! These seem to be more geared towards the younger crowd, but look awesome. 

The last category is of course the Fun ZoneIn the fun zone category there are joke books, puzzle books, and games like dress up, matching, and picture find. 

How we used SmartKidz Media

Now for the fun part, how we used it in our home. SmartKidz can be used on televisions (can be streamed/cast using Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, and Google TV), computers (Windows and Mac), tablets (Android), smart phones (Apple products: they are developing an app), and mobile devices. First, I let Cam pick something that he wanted to watch just to see what he thought (and what he would pick). He of course had to check out the whole site, wanting to go straight to the games. But I steered him back to picking a video, games are last, education first. What do you think was the first video he picked? An animal video! I believe it was about the crab, but that was a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not 100% sure. Next came the science videos, How Did They Make That: Part 1, which was about money. Of course he would watch that, he's a teen, he's all about the money. After that I let him check out the games, of course he goes to the joke books. He loves telling jokes, even with his Asperger's sometimes he doesn't understand them, but after we explain, he just laughs and laughs. So cute to hear. From then on out I would pair the videos up with what subjects he was learning. I would have him complete his work, watch two videos, and then he could play a couple of games on there. 

A.M on the other hand is in regular school, so I just let him play the games. Of course he has to go straight to the puzzles and hidden picture games. He loves putting the puzzles together and finding the hidden pictures. 

Just a little warning, some of the videos might have nudity in them, like the cultural ones. Cam isn't on that subject yet, so we didn't check them out, but I heard from other parents. This is still a great learning site! 

Their pricing plans:

  • Monthly Membership $10.00
  • 1 Year Membership $99.00
  • Free 14 day Free Trial

If you decide to check them out, come back and let me know what you thought.

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SmartKidz Media Review

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