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Thank you for coming back! 

I have recently been invited to be a member of the 2015 TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew. So for my first review I am reviewing the which I received the Yearly Membership Option for the review. I mostly concentrated on the middle/high category for this review but they also have a pre-k/elementary category. I did notice in the elementary category, they had animated books for the kids to read. Review

I've been using it for a couple of months now with Cam (12) for his math supplement along with his Lifepac workbook.He's been pretty good with it. I have him do a chapter in his workbook and then I go to the:

    1. website,
    2. Then to Dailies where all the Dailies are listed per subject, and Review

  • Find the Math link,


  • Then I find him a worksheet doing the same thing he is learning about. 

Along with the different grade categories they also have all 4 subjects listed: Math, Science, Social Studies/History, and Language Arts. And if that wasn't enough they also have foreign language! Cam wants to learn Spanish so after the first of the year we are going to take a look at it. 

The website is very easy to maneuver. The above doesn't sound too hard to find now does it? That's what I love about, nothing is hard to find! 

Another thing I love about (TS) is the planners! I love planners! Oh you didn't know? Well now you do lol. I love printables, digital, and even physical ones. It is like my own addiction. The best part is that they have so many to choose from! They have 5! Can you believe that, and they are all yours after the second payment, unless you want to buy them separately

Then the other thing that I love about ST is that they have full monthly menus. 

TOS Menu

They have recipes for each day of the month listed. For example December 23rd has a recipe for Sugar Cookies yummy. 

Now for the details:

The site is on the computer but it is not tied to the computer, the worksheets can be printed out or if you have one of those pdf programs you could always save it there and then have your child finish it on the pc if you don't want to print it out. This can be used on a Windows or MAC pc, I've even heard of people completing it on their Ipad or Kindle! There are over 100 + courses. It also comes with the awesome Applecore online record keeping system


The Monthly fee is $12.95

The Yearly fee is $139

Awesome part about it is that this is for the whole family, not per child like other sites. Plus, they take credit cards and PayPal how awesome is that?!!!

I really recommend this site if you couldn't already tell! It's not just for the kids, like I said they have recipes. But that's not all they also have Family Fitness, Music, a Special Needs course so they can better understand how the brain works along with advice and videos, and also Writing classes (which I will definitely be checking out during the holiday break).

Right now they are offering 40% off memberships!


Please tell me what you like about

Feel free to ask any questions if you are considering getting a membership.   

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