Product Review: Preschool & Kindergarten Montessori Learning app by Kids Academy Co.

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Preschool & Kindergarten Learning  Games– All in One Montessori Based Brain Kid’ Puzzles

This app has three games, they don’t have names so I’ll describe them the best I can. I did notice as soon as I opened up the app it would show the volume control. I would suggest putting the parental controls on due to in-app purchases.

Tracing Numbers

The first game is tracing numbers while collecting cute little fireflies for the jar. This would be pretty easy for a child.

Finding what begins with the letter

The anchor and apple tree are grayed out until you press them.
The second game deals with the alphabet and in it the child will be shown a letter and then grayed out pictures that start with the same letter, ex: Aa, then will have an alligator, an anchor, and an apple tree. 

Tracing Letters

The last game deals with tracing letters of the alphabet with their finger. This was easy; just have to go in the same direction as the arrows. It will then have them trace the letter by their self.

Parent Mode

Parent Mode
The app also has a parent mode, in it the parent can control the sounds (making the sounds go off or on, changing the voice to a male or female, and making the music go off or on), see the progress that the child is making, and make a profile for the child. 
There are five other “workbooks” or games but those are for the paid version. 

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