Pack Away Winter and Prepare for Spring

Pack Away Winter and Prepare for Spring

Pack Away Winter and Prepare for Spring

With spring comes a change of clothes and sometimes a change of decor as well. There are seasonal items all around your home and wardrobe that you won't use again until the following winter. To make sure those items don't get musty and to help organize your home, here are some tips on how to pack away winter and prepare for spring.

1. Sweaters

One of the keys to packing away sweaters properly is to make sure they are clean first. Bacteria and mold will grow on those sweaters all summer, especially if you live in a hot and humid area.


* Clean your sweaters, either at a dry cleaner's or in the home washing machine and dryer.
* Pack them in boxes made of cardboard or in plastic bins with vents for air circulation. (I still like the Ziploc Space Bags)
* Wrap sweaters in tissue paper and old sheets if you do not have containers – this allows for air circulation but keeps dust, pet hair and dirt off.
* To prevent moths from damaging your wool or wool-blend sweaters, add some cedar chips, blocks, or even cedar essential oil to the container.

2. Heavy Curtains

Did you have heavy curtains to keep out drafts in the winter? Now is a good time to take them down and get them cleaned. When you pack them away, use similar methods as with the sweaters. If you have a cedar chest, even better!

3. Throw Blankets

Many of us have blankets over chairs and couches during the winter. It looks cozy and provides a ready source of comfort for chilly days and nights in the living room or den. Now is the time to take these out and clean them, then pack them away to be used next year. A good place to store them is under the couch in the living room, preferably in vented plastic tubs that fit underneath.

4. Heavy Coats

Heavy coats are often dry-clean-only. Still, they should be cleaned before being put away. It's usually considered fine to leave them in their wrappings from the dry cleaner's, though, so you can simply hang them back in the closet with their coverings on if you prefer. Or if you can't afford to take them to the dry cleaners every time your kid wipes their face on it after eating like mine this at-home kit looks worth it. 

5. Bedding

It's time to take the heavy comforter or quilt off the bed! Like all other fabric items, it should be washed and thoroughly dried before storage. Comforters can take up a lot of room when they are folded up – see if you can wrap it and store it under your bed, protected from dust, dirt, and insects.

6. Boots and Heavy Shoes

Leather boots and shoes can mold over the summer, and non-leather footwear can get pretty “ripe.” Use a good saddle soap or leather cleaner (here is one that can be used on anything from sofas to shoes) to go over your leather shoes and boots. It doesn't take long, and it can make a world of difference when fall comes around again and you want to put those boots and heavy shoes back on. Launder shoes that are not leather, and store them in plastic bins. 

When do you start getting ready for Spring?

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4 thoughts on “Pack Away Winter and Prepare for Spring

  1. I live in central CA so I don’t have to deal with too cold of weather. Mainly the only thing that changes around here in the winter is we grab a hooded sweatshirt before we head out the door. We do have boots though, so that is something I can do. Thanks for all the great info. I never thought to use Cedarwood essential oil to keep moths away!
    Miranda recently posted…Being Thankful-10 ThingsMy Profile

    • Yeah Lorelai we have a saying here, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it’ll change”. I think I prefer mixed weather compared to just hot all the time. Thank you for stopping by.

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