My New HMR Diet Rules

My New HMR Diet Rules

I was so excited for my new HMR Diet rules on Thursday, I couldn't wait to try the vegetables, and guess what, they let us do fruits as well. So Thursday, in anticipation I went shopping and got carrots, broccoli, green peppers, tomatoes, bananas, and salad mix.

My New HMR Diet Rules

HMR Diet Rules

Before, my rules were:

5 Shakes 

3 Entrees (which then moved down to 2)

Now my new rules are as followed:

3 Shakes

2 Entrees

2 Servings/cups of fruit/vegetables

Now my shake is the 70s because I am Lactose Intolerant so it will always be that on this diet. But for those who were on the HMR 500 shakes moved down to HMR 120s. 

So for my first day, Thursday afternoon, I came home and had a banana ahhh. Let me tell you, that was so delicious after not having one for 3 months at the most. No bowel discomfort like they warn. But everyone is different. 

Next for dinner my husband made me hash browns (I know your thinking NOOOOO, but it was made with cooking spray which doesn't have all that bad stuff in there. That was only a cup. Then he made me a salad. This contained 1 cup of lettuce (they say you can have 3 cups to equal a serving but I seen what 1 cup was and that was a lot.) Next he put in tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers all in one cup. So with my banana I had when I got home and then the salad, that all equaled about 2 servings or less. Then I had my 3 sakes and 2 entrees throughout the day. 

I suggest if you're having issues with your weight like I am to try this out, it's the only thing that worked for me so far. Again the website is, and I might have forgotten to mention that they have support/ forums, recipes, and success stories all on the website. If you feel it wouldn't benefit because you don't want to see a doctor every other week like me, they also have an at-home program, where they ship your food to you. Then you only have to see the doctor for tests and check-ins.

Join me next week as I continue with my update. 

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to mention that I lost 3 lbs. Yay. So now I am at 230 lbs. What did I do differently, it was probably me mowing the grass and then like I told you last week I was going to start drinking more water, well I've been making sure that I drink at least 2 bottles a day. Come back next week 🙂 

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