My journey into weight loss

My journey into weight loss…


my journey into weight loss

The Beginning 

I need to lose weight, my health depends on it. I know this much is true. I have Sleep Apnea, and on the verge of getting Diabetes and Asthma (if I don't already have it, I'll be tested next Friday). 

     I have been big my whole life, just not THIS big. I was a shy and quiet nerd who got picked on because of my weight, and then to top it all off I wore glasses (eek). No NOT the dreaded glasses!

     I got some prescription diet medicine from my primary doctor and I have started to workout using Dailyburn, it is an awesome resource for the fact that it is available on mostly all devices, anywhere from the Ipad, certain tvs that allow apps, and pcs. Plus it is only $10 a month, pretty good price if you ask me.

Losing 13 lbs.

     I have lost 13 lbs. so far to be exact but I need to lose more, way more like 100 lbs at least to get to an acceptable weight. Then I will be out of the woods. My goal is to start small and then go from there, my goal is to lose 50 lbs. at first and then maintain that. Then once it is maintained I will set off to lose 50 more lbs. 

The Dilemma… Fixed?

     My problem is that I get discouraged and I often quit or take long breaks and then begin again. I need encouragement, I need a partner, or partners to go on this journey with me. We don't all have to be taking diet pills or even using Dailyburn. We just need to motivate each other. This is for OUR health after all and no one elses. We need to do this for us.

     Please say you'll join me in this journey to lose weight and get rid of or to lessen our co-morbidities. Please leave me a comment down below to let me know whose going on this journey with me.  

Stay tuned for more updates to learn about my progress…

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