My Final Weight Loss Meeting

My Final Weight Loss Meeting

Well last Thursday was my last weight loss meeting, kind of weird because I’m so used to going there every Thursday and now I won’t be going anymore. So my final weigh in for the meeting was 211. I started at 253, so I huge accomplishment I would say.

My Final Weight Loss Meeting

It's been a week since I've been on my “own”, and I think I'm doing pretty good. Of course, I don't want to weigh myself because every scale that I use, always says something different. So that's usually discouraging.

What I've learned during the meetings I am still going by. I have plenty of the HMR meals and shakes left, so that's helping, so I'm not worrying so much on what I'm going to eat when the guys get fast food. But usually when they do, I usually get a salad.

From the meals I've learned that my meals should not be more than 250 calories. So everything that I plan to cook, I'm always looking at the nutrition labels. I've started with my breakfast first, looking for items that are around 100 calories. I've found  Yoplait Light yogurt to be 90 calories and then some generic brown sugar oatmeal to be 120 calories. With those I take turns with those. As far as lunch I am finishing those meals and then when I'm done with them I will probably pick up some of those lean cuisine meals in the freezer section. As far as dinner goes, I am taking it slow, I am measuring what I eat. If we have chicken, then I am eating one piece of chicken breast, which usually turns into just half of one, with all the salad and vegetables that I have with it, I get full faster. If I have something like spaghetti, then I am eating about a cup of it and then salad on the side. I think I eat salad more than anything else. lol.

Then since it should be 80%/20% healthy eating vs. exercise, I'm getting out walking and taking my boys to the park.

If there's anything about the diet that you'd like to know about, feel free to ask. I don't mind explaining it in detail or even helping you pick good food choices.

I will continue to update you on my progress.

Let me know what you have tried in the comments section!

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