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Make Those Weekends Count

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Spending time at work all week can be a total drag. The stresses of waking up early (yes, it’s stressful), working all day long for someone else and then getting home late can mean less time for yourself and less time with your family. Do that five days a week for fifty weeks of the year, and you end up burning out and forgetting who you live with!

family fun

Making a point of spending time with the children is as important as going to work every day and that is precisely why we have the weekend. Two days in the week where you not only fit in all the jobs you couldn’t manage in the week, but where you get to spend time laughing and playing with the little people you made! It’s not just the time that you can kick back and watch their personalities grow, but it is fantastic bonding time all together.

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Most people forget that you don’t have to go on expensive holidays like these or days out just to spend time together. Using the Movie Box app on your smart television to snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn to watch the latest films is perfect bonding time for the exhausted parents. Spending time like that together and creating memories doesn’t just last in your mind, but in the minds of your children. When they’re older they’ll say to you ‘do you remember the time when…’ and you may have forgotten the time the popcorn you made together spilled over the side of the pan, and you all squabbled over toppings, but your children won’t forget those moments.

Spending quality time one on one with the kids can actually help to raise their self-esteem, believe it or not. Children that get to bake, create and make with their parents are often more secure within themselves and more rounded as individuals. Weekends allow you to go for long nature walks, a bike ride or even just play a game of football or basketball in the driveway.

quality time

None of these activities are expensive in the slightest, and children only need your presence to feel happy and cared for. Getting to know your children is important, and why wouldn’t you want to hear their jokes and fun as well as their hopes and fears? Saturdays are a great day for a beach day out as you have the whole of Sunday to recover, but if you’re not close to a beach then pull out some of these activities you can from the house and get the kids involved. Are you decorating a room? Everyone can paint a wall with you and have a giggle while you do it.

family cooking

Time spent on a Sunday at church or the local park before sitting down together for a meal is valuable time. It’s never a waste to get closer to the children. If you’re able to book a day at a theme park or the local zoo, do it, but never think you need money just to bond with your kids. All they want is you.

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