HMR Diet

Losing Weight With The HMR Diet Part 1

Since February 5th I have been using the HMR Diet and losing weight!

Before I started the diet I was 252 lbs.

As of today I have lost 20 lbs.!

Losing Weight With The HMR Diet


I've tried pills and different diets and maybe lost a couple lbs. only to gain it all back and sometimes more. Why is this one so different? Well with this diet, I have chosen the Decision-Free Diet. What that means is that they take the decision out of my hands, they provide the food and the shakes that they want me to use. They call my food and shakes a prescription. So my prescription is 5 shakes a day plus 3 of their meals. I can have more than that but that is just the minimum. Along with my Rx I have to do at least 2,000 calories of physical activity a week. They have other things besides shakes and meals like; protein bars, chicken soup, cereal (which looks like oatmeal to me), plus they sale things like PB2 powder and Blender Bottles.

This type of diet is only until May, then I go to another level. In May my level will be called Healthy Solutions. This diet will introduce me to Fruits and Vegetables. So I'm thinking that my shakes and meals (entrees) will decrease some and then I will include F & V. I'm not sure, but we'll see next month. I'm not to sure what the next level is after that but I know this one is supposed to last until at least September I believe.

My first goal is to lose at least 50 lbs. so 30 more to go, I'm so excited!

Oh! Another requirement is that I have to see the Doctor in the office every other week and go to weekly meetings. This is sponsored by my husband's work so they have the weekly meetings there, which is awesome because it's only about 10-15 minutes away from our home. The doctor's office on the other hand is in Chesapeake, which is 30 minutes away, not too bad considering we can take the interstate to get there and it is only every other week. I also have to email my mid-week summary results to my coach/teacher on Mondays. Then make sure I put my food order in before noon on Wednesday because someone from my husband's job usually goes and picks everyone's order up after our Thursday meetings.

Physical Activity

So what do I do to get my physical activity in? I use the Daily Burn app sometimes, walking with the boys to the park (they usually ride their electric scooters down), and plus we just got a family membership to the Rec Center. Oh and shopping at Wal-Mart because once we get there we usually get lost in what we call the “Wal-Mart zone” because we're usually there for at least an hour or two, sometimes longer!

I am honestly still working on getting my weekly physical activity in, but I'm getting better at it, once this stomach bug leaves the house I'll be able to do much better. I have to admit, I did slip up once or twice in the beginning (due to us being out without my food), but now I am on track and chugging along.


The holidays aren't too hard, of course the only ones so far were; my birthday (Feb. 10th), CJ's and my mom's (Feb. 28th), yes on the same day, and then Easter. I thought the birthdays would be extremely hard due to the fact that I always had cake. LOVE CAKE!!! We would bring it home and I would be the only one to eat it, but not this time! We didn't even order cake for my birthday, but for CJ who turned 13 this year, I had to get him a cake.

My mom doesn't eat cake so that was no problem. And Easter, we went over my dad's place, him knowing about me being on the diet, only made ham and green bean casserole. Don't get me wrong, I do love some ham and green bean casserole, but I brought one of my meals, and we all sat at the table together. My husband brought a Boston crème cake, but I had one of my bars instead. I'm so proud of myself, I actually thought it would be much harder.

Now I know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be my true test, that's when my family all gets together and has a potluck, but the great thing about it is that it is after I change levels. I think about not even going but I don't want to exclude myself and how else can I challenge myself? But I have plenty of time to think about how I'll survive these major holidays.

Join me tomorrow when I share my favorite meals

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  1. This is so interesting! Had never heard of this particular diet program but it seems like it is really working for you. Will be looking forward to more updates on your weight loss journey!!

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