What Is The Ideal Gift For A Growing Teenage Boy?

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As a mother of two teenagers, I know all about the struggles of buying them gifts for birthdays or presents at Christmas. Maturing teens – particularly boys – can be a nightmare to buy for at the best of times, and as ‘down with the kids’ you think you are, the generation gap never seems bigger when it comes to present buying time.

teenage boys

They all have unique tastes, too, and some will inevitably be more mature than others – there are few golden rules of gift buying for growing teens.  

If this sounds familiar, then this post is aimed at you. Hopefully, it should give you a few good ideas of some safe bets, and avoid any disappointments that might usually occur at birthdays, Christmas time, and special occasions.

The games console

game console

Gaming is a central part of growing up these days, and the vast majority of teenage boys would chew your arm off for the latest PlayStation or XBox. Both consoles are a significant investment, however, so you’ll need to bear that in mind when it comes to your budget. It might be worth going down the retro route. According to https://www.technobuffalo.com/2016/12/16/the-n64-is-the-most-wanted-retro-console-gamestop-says/, the N64 is the most wanted vintage console. While not every teenager is interested in games, the best consoles are consistently ranking highest in the charts for boys’ wish lists – so it’s a solid bet to start you off with.

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The electric razor

Adolescence for boys means the inevitable onset of shaving – even if is wisps of hair rather than stubble they are taking care of. It makes sense, then, to go for an electric razor to get them started on their shaving journey. According to http://www.manlymatters.net/pre-electric-shave-lotions/, men with sensitive skin – as many teen boys have – will need to prep their faces with a pre-shave lotion. So don't forget to buy some unless you want your boys to experience harsh rashes and skin complaints.

Gift cards

clothes shopping

OK, parents – here’s the truth. Those lovely patterned sweaters you love to see your boys in won’t go down as well as you think. And as soon as your kids hit their teenage years, they will be starting to develop their own styles and individuality. They are going to make mistakes – and plenty of them – but you just need to let them get on with it. I can almost guarantee that if you want to surprise your teens with clothes, you will get it wrong. Just find out where they like to shop for clothes, and buy them a gift card instead. Sure, it’s a boring gift in your eyes – but your kids won’t think so.

Music player

music player

Teenage boys seem to spend half their lives wearing earphones these days – so a music player such as the iPod Shuffle or something similar is likely to be a good choice. It’s the perfect gift because you know they will use it, and you won’t have to go down the tricky path of filling it with music you don’t understand! Just leave that side of things to your boys – and focus on giving them the platform to listen, rather than the music itself.

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Any more teenage boy gift ideas to add? I’d love to hear them!

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