Home Alone- From a Parent’s Point of View

This weekend I had the opportunity to be home alone. A little back story: my boys' aunt and uncle came down with their three kids and took my boys for the weekend. When I think of being home alone as an adult it doesn't look like the kids version in the movie. The first thing I think of is:


Composition with spa treatment, wooden bowl with water, towel

Taking a nice warm bath with some candles with a nice scent on the side of the tub and a good book (or nowadays a Kindle) in my hand. Some might want scent sticks burning and no book. Just laying there in the peace and quiet, you don't hear “Mom” every 5 seconds. It is just you and a leaky faucet if you have that like me. Drip Drip Drip. 

The next thing I think about is: 

A Dinner and a Movie with my Husband

We don't get dates very often so it is really nice when we do! This doesn't have to be expensive. What we did was found a coupon for Ruby Tuesday and then got something less than $15 off of their menu, then instead of paying $10 a piece on tickets and then another $20 for our sodas and popcorn at a movie theater, we went home and watched a movie. He picked an action movie. I'm a tomboy so I didn't really mind plus it was pretty good. This is the time when we can watch the adult movies with the curse words and violence, the ones that we don't let our boys watch. 

The last thing I think about is:


Sleeping girl

We get our kids up at the crack of dawn for school, then there are the chores that need to be done all through the day. After I get my youngest up and out of the house for school, it is then time to get my oldest up and ready to be homeschooled while also handling the dishes, laundry, and cleaning that needs to be done. So if I have a day all to myself then why not take a nice long nap. 

What would you do with your time? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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