HMR Diet Week 6/4/15

HMR Diet Week 6/4/15


Ok I know I'm a little late and missed a couple of my meeting posts. Mostly because the doctor prescribed me new meds and then they made me sick and I wasn't able to go like last week for instance. I did make it in just to get weighed but then had to leave because I was so nauseous, found out I lost 5 lbs. Can you believe, I know I can't.

HMR Diet Week 6/4/15

This week I was feeling much better. 

So this week, (well actually the class started last week apparently, but I wasn't there) we are supposed to start lean proteins, you know things like eggs and chicken and fish. I have to be honest I'm a little nervous and not sure I'll be able to eat all that. I was the type who didn't eat all day and then at dinner splurged. 

Well now I have to drink my 3 HMR shakes, (I do 4 because I got used to making it that way in my ninja blender travel cup) 2 entrees 1 entrée, my 5 servings 2 or more servings of fruit/vegetables, and now a serving of lean protein. I'm getting full just thinking about it. 

The class is only until the end of July, so not too much longer. I'm of course a little nervous, just don't want to slip and gain of that weight back.

So last week I lost 3 lbs. not as much as I could be losing a week but still I am down 221 lbs from 253 lbs when I first started. So my next goal is to lose that 21 lbs. 

Remember, when I say a week that is Thursday to Wednesday because that is when we started the program. 

So this week I'm going to try a serving of eggs, I think a serving is 2 whole eggs. 

I can't wait to see my before and after pictures like everyone usually does! When I get down to my goal weight of 150 lbs. I'm so excited, loose 21 more and then I'll be 200 lbs! I'm getting there slowly but surely. I've only gained a pound once. So I'm doing good.

Well this was just a quick update, join me next Thursday and I'll let you know how it went and how much I lost if any. 

Are you doing the HMR diet or hear anything about it? What do/did you think?


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