HMR Diet Week 6-18-15


This week went pretty good, the scale at the HMR Diet meeting said I only lost a pound but I was weighed at the doctor’s office on Monday and it said I lost 2 pounds. Even though I’d like to go with the smaller number, I’ve been using the meeting scale more, so I’ll just stick to that!

HMR Diet Week 6-18-15

Everything is the same as last week and the week before that. We are still eating lean proteins and of course our vegetables, fruit, shakes, and special meals. Our coach (Mary) said that whole grains would be the last thing introduced; if at all.

We did talk about us having bread and Mary said if you really need it, maybe just do half for right now.

Last week, our assignment was to go to a restaurant and to stay in our plan. So after I helped my mom move stuff from storage we went for lunch at Wendy’s. I was looking at their new Strawberry Fields salad with strawberries and what looked like grilled chicken. But I wasn’t sure if it was grilled or something else, so I just got a side salad and then I got this dressing called Light Honey French since they didn’t have any italian, oh my gosh was that yummy 🙂 I’m going to look for it at the store next time I go. The side salad wasn’t a true serving from what I’m told. It maybe had a cup of lettuce in the container, Mary told us that a serving is 3 cups of lettuce.

In the beginning I was craving cooked carrots for some reason, so I got a microwavable bag of carrots, but by the 3rd or 4th week I was tired of it. Then I was craving peanut butter and celery, I know what your thinking, you can’t have that. But did you know that PB2 powder can be made into a peanut butter consistency? I didn’t either until I heard someone mention it at one of the other meetings. So now I can have my celery with peanut butter.

Right now I am on this orange kick, yummy oranges. I have to admit, I have about 2 a night or every other night. I love the Navel Oranges, my husband got me the regular ones with seeds, eww. For one, who wants to pick out seeds before they eat it, and two, it just doesn’t seem as juicy as the Navel. Pardon me if you like the other kind. It’s just personal preference.

So I know a couple of you are trying the diet, what do you think so far? What week are you in? Which diet did you decide to go with; healthy solutions or decision-free? Come on now talk to me, I want to hear all about it. If you’d like to guest post and write about your experience just let me know 🙂 I am here for you, we are doing this together. Even though I only have until the end of July, I’m sure we can still help each other.

I have even created a group on Facebook called HMR Diet Support so we can chat. So come join me and get this party started!


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