Here’s How To Buy The Perfect Gift For A Teenager

Here’s How To Buy The Perfect Gift For A Teenager

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Never mind terrible toddlers, what about tantrum-throwing teens! As kids get older they develop more of their identity and a sense of self. This can lead to some angst-ridden years of self-discovery and experimentation. It can be tricky to know what to get a teenager for a present. The line between too childlike and too adult is a difficult one to walk once your kids hit a certain age. Here are some suggestions for gifts to give teens…

Gifts for 13 to 15-year-olds

Here’s How To Buy The Perfect Gift For A Teenager

It’s a difficult age as your kids are just on the cusp of being teenagers and want to be treated like adults. For a girl, or boy, whose developing an interest in fashion, a new pair of trainers is a good idea. Practical but also stylish, trainers from the likes of Puma are particularly popular at the moment. Alternatively, if they’ve expressed an interest, why not take your 15-year-old for a makeover day. A massage, manicure, even a new hairstyle, are all exciting experiences for a teenager and make them feel grown up for the day.

Alternatively try organizing a party instead, obviously the birthday boy/girl at the helm! This is a good way to give a present that’s also an experience. Hiring out a hall and letting them plan their own party and who to invite is a good gift. This acknowledges that they’re growing up and want to do their own thing, but also gives you the chance to oversee proceedings!

Gifts for 16 to 18-year-olds

Perfect Gift For A Teenager

Active or Interactive, that is the question. At this age, particularly if they’re in the upper bracket, you can get your kids something a little more adult. At this age, kids are desperate to be seen in a more mature light, and can be desperate for gifts to suit! While phones and laptops may be what your friends are giving their kids, try and be a little more imaginative.

If your children are particularly active and love being outdoors, encourage this interest with an outdoorsy present to match their interest. A wetsuit is a great idea for any budding surfer, paddleboarder, or watersports wannabe. They can also be quite expensive so your kids may be unable to buy them on their own. You need a wetsuit for SUP, which is stand up paddleboarding. This is a particularly big trend at the moment and is bound to go down well with an older teen.

Alternatively, if your kids are more into gaming that getting out and about, respect that interest too. There are loads of great gaming accessories out there which your kids will love. Headsets, speaker systems, and even steering wheels for car games are all good options. Alternatively, upgrade their gaming device and get them a few new games to go with it. Give your kids the gift of gaming and you're guaranteed they’ll love their present.

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