Gadget Grab Review

Gadget Grab Review

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I was sent two different sizes of the Gadget Grab; one mobile sized and another one tablet sized in exchange for this review.

I just have to say that these things are really neat and strong. You have to use them without your cases in them though or they don't work.

How Gadget Grab works

In the image below you'll see the sticky part that holds your device on there. Then there is another part on the bottom that secures it to the table or desk.

Gadget Grab Review

For it to work you unfold it like a compact mirror and then bend it back gently until you hear a little pop sound which means it's locked in place. When I first tried it, I was wondering how it was going to stand up, I thought that if I bent it back it would break. I gave it a try and it worked.

In the image below, you can see how to stick it on there. It can go up upwards or landscape mode. Just stick it to it and press a little and then you're ready to go. I would first stick it to your device and then stick it to whatever surface you are going to use. I would also make sure that the surface is flat.

Gadget Grab Review

The image below shows Gadget Grab working with a tablet. Like I said above to just make sure you press it a little on the sticky part to make sure it's on there good.

Gadget Grab Review

I really liked how I could be on my computer and have my phone or tablet standing right next to it, instead of me having to hold them or keep looking down if I'm copying something.

Well now that you've seen how it works, all that's left to do is enter the contest below. Good Luck!

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