Fun Things to Do in Winter


There are many things to keep a person or family occupied in winter. Although winter can conjure up some bleak thoughts, get a little creative and you will have no end of fun available. If you are looking for some fascinating winter activities, keep reading.

Ice Skating

Ice skating may seem intimidating to those who have never tried it, but it is fun to learn, and easy once you get the hang of it. If you live in the right climate, ice skating rinks can be found outdoors for free, as well as at local sports arenas for a small fee. Even in warm climates, some cities have indoor skating areas with skate rentals. We have Ice Rinks in most cities here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Two that i know of are one in Norfolk and one here in Virginia Beach where we live. 


Even when the weather is chilly, it's a shame to stay indoors and miss out on the fun. Put on your winter jacket, hat, mittens and boots and you will be ready for a fun day of sledding. Grab a sled, find the nearest snowy hill and you are ready to go. It is a cheap activity that is sure to burn off a lot of energy and produce a lot of laughs. Some used to be able to sled off of a big hill called Mt. Trashmore (which is made entirely out of trash), but then they ended up going past the fence into the roadway. So they stopped that from happening, now they have a sign posted. 

Build a Snow Fort

If you've already built a snowman and you need a bigger challenge and a way to use up the rest of the snow in your yard, build a snow fort. It doesn't need to be fancy simply pack the snow into makeshift walls and you've got one. Any size can be made, depending on how much snow you have, and how much time.

Watch a Movie

Is there anything more comforting on a cold winter afternoon or evening than curling up in front of the tv watching a movie? Take this opportunity to enjoy your favorite one, whether you are alone or with your family. Make some popcorn and hot chocolate and you've got the perfect indoor activity. Every Sunday we try to make that family day, where we will play some family games (mostly Monopoly and Life) and watch a family movie. 


If you live in a climate where there is lots of snow, skiing should top your list of things to try. Most hills rent out ski equipment if you don't have any of your own. Give it a try and it may become your new favorite sport. It doesn't snow that often here in Southern Virginia, so when it does we take advantage of it! But we have yet to try skiing 🙁

Bake Cookies

Here is another fun activity for those who prefer not to venture outdoors when the temperature has gone down. Making cookies is a fun way to bond with family members, especially little ones. Make the cookies and decorate them together while the snow swirls around outside. The sweet aroma is sure to make you feel a little warmer. Our favorites are Peanut Butter, Sugar, and of course Chocolate Chip. Yummy!


When it is cold outdoors and you want to stay in, use the time to catch up on your favorite book. Curl up in a chair with a blanket and let the wind blow outside. No matter the weather, reading is an enjoyed pastime for many. 

Dance Party

If you have little ones brimming with energy, you may begin to feel crazy after a day of being trapped indoors. If it is too chilly to burn off that energy outdoors, throw an indoor dance party. Put on your favorite music and enjoy your time together. There are even some really cool dance games on your favorite game console.

Winter does not have to be a dull time to be waited out. Even if chilly weather is not your thing, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy and having a great time. Try some of these ideas and experience just how much fun winter can truly be.

What are your favorite Winter activities? 

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