FreedomProject Education Review

FreedomProject Education Review

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FreedomProject Education Review

I was recently asked to review an online course by FreedomProject Education entitled “Mother, Should I Trust the Government?”. 

I received a physical book (which can be found here) and access to the eight-week online course. Since this course is only offered once a year, you can find their 2015 courses located here.

FreedomProject Education Review

This was apparently for 13 years and up, but after watching the first class, I got a sense that this should be for higher ages, like starting at 16 years. But I found the first 3 chapters in the book went with what C.J is learning about in his 7th grade History.  I just wouldn't suggest the online class to kids under 16 years old due to the subject matter. It was from 7-9 pm est. As a side note: this was the first online class that I have attended.The class was not really what I expected. I was under the impression that it would be mostly about learning history, which is something I could use to help my son learn about Social Studies. It was mostly about Politics, which I don't really follow all that or understand it. I mostly just vote on who has my best interests in mind. 

Don't worry there won't be any spoiler alerts during my review. Don't want to spoil it for you incase you decide to check into it at a later date/year. So I'll only talk about the 1st and 2nd class.

The First class:

This was mostly Mr. Jake Jacobs Ph. D. introducing himself. Describing what the class is about and describing his book. He has another book out called “Mobocracy”. He states “America is not a Democracy, It is a Constitutional Republic”


The Second class:

These class featured different slides to make his point. We also talked about the first chapter of the book. I first chapter talks about the Stamp Act and Tea Parties.

The part I liked:

  • The class was all online through Adobe Connect, which involved a chatroom so we could ask questions as Mr. Jacobs was talking.
  • I liked how each session was emailed to me after the class was over, that was if I missed one, I could click on the link and then I could watch the whole thing; chatroom and all to see what everyone was saying.
  • liked how the first 3 chapters were talking about the same thing C.J is learning about in his History.
  • I liked that the class included slides and not just staring at someone talking, I'm a very visual learner so I mostly looked at the different slides that he presented. 

What I didn't like:

The last (8th) class:

The last class was the wrap up class. This class was a little different. It touched on homosexuality, which my views are that I am all for whoever you love. I am a Christian but I also believe that you should be able to love who you want to, no one should be able to tell you differently. I also touch base on this in my other post “Teaching Tolerance to Your Kids“. 


Freedom Project Education Review

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