fad free weight loss

Fad Free Weight Loss

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Want to lose weight? Don’t want to start a diet only to fail a few days in and go back to your old way of eating? Avoid fad diets. Obviously, if all you allow yourself to eat are grapefruits or vegetable soup, you’re going to get fed up and give up before you ever really get started.

Fad diets might have thousands of people willing to sing their praises, shouting their amazing week 1 weight loss results from the rooftops, but what about week 2? Week 4? Three months down the line? You likely won’t hear from them again because fad diets are unsustainable, and more to the point, they’re unnecessary when you can find so many more sensible diet plans around.

So, if you want to lose weight without the fads, here’s what you need to do:

Check the Quality of Your Diet

If you’re set on going on a diet, like the ones at http://www.fitneass.com/best-diet-plans/ at least check the quality of the plan you’re interested in. You can find so much information about the success of various diets, the amount of nutrients they offer and how sustainable they are long-term, that you need never start a fad diet only to be disappointed a few weeks down the line again.

Eat Your Vegetables

fad free weight loss

Your mom wasn’t trying to torture you when she made you eat your vegetables; she was trying to instill a healthy, weight controlling habit in you while you were young. You see, vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. As such, they help you to stay fuller for longer. Aim to fill half your plate with a variety of vegetables if you want to curb your appetite and lose weight without succumbing to the latest fad.

Cut Your Portion Sizes

Most people who are overweight eat much larger portions than they actually need, and if you can cut your portions down to the right level, using the information at https://www.fda.gov.386203.htm to ensure you get it right, you won’t need to worry about starting a fad diet because you won’t be overeating anything, and you'll still be able to eat all the foods you enjoy, at least some of the time.

Count Liquid Calories

A lot of us forget to include the calories we drink when working out how much we’ve eaten and this can cause us to gain weight or sabotage our weight loss efforts without us realizing it, and since there are 150 calories in the average can of soda, those gains can be big if you have a soda habit. So, remember to count those liquid calories, at the very least, but if you want to lose weight sustainably, consider ditching them in favor of low or zero calorie alternatives like water and diet coke.

Pack Your Own Snacks

If you’re often tripped up by getting hungry on the go and having to grab the nearest salty, sugary, fatty snack to keep you going, simply start packing your own healthy snacks like carrots and humus or air-popped corn to start losing weight without having to resort to the cabbage soup diet.

If you can do these very simple things, you will be able to lose weight without grapefruits, fasting or cabbage soup, which has to be a good thing, right?

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