CTC Math Review

CTC Math Review

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     Since before I decided to start homeschooling I've heard a lot of parents talking about CTC Math. So when we were asked to review their 12 Month Family Plan, I just couldn't say no. 

CTC Math Review

CTC Math Features and How We Used It

     This program can be done all online. They do have worksheets but they can be completed online. As you can see from the pic below, it includes “worksheets”, a place to enter their answers (Enter Results), “View Solutions”, and “Lesson Summary”. If you wanted to print the worksheet out, that is possible! So you do the lesson and then print out the worksheet to complete offline. I really liked that feature, because some days I could sit and watch him finish the lessons online or if there are days where someone needed the computer, I just print it out. Easy peasy. 

CTC Math Review

     Like the picture above shows, there are videos that the child watches to get their lesson for that subject. They can make it full screen to where they don't have any distractions or they can leave it minimized, that way if they want to watch the video and look at the worksheet they can. We loved that the videos could be stopped, then resumed, or even paused. This program works on Mac and Windows computers, it will also work on tablets. 

     The child can answer the worksheet questions as much as they need to, a new score will be generated each time. You can see more in the image below. This was Cam's score the first time he did the lessons. As you can see they have Blue for being close to 100%, then there is Green for being close to 90%, Yellow for being close to 70%, and Red for being less than 50%. There are two tests at the beginning as you can see, a Standard Test and then a Comprehensive Test. Standard in my opinion is compared to a basic test, but the Comprehensive one is more detailed. Next, you will notice a “Passed” check mark section and a “Rate Your Understanding”, not sure why he rated the low scores as a 5 when he didn't seem to understand those, hence the low scores. He is one of those kids that has to fill in everything, apparently.  🙂

CTC Math Review

     The child can even change the background, Cam loves red so that's what he picked. You can see all the different color choices in the picture below. Your child also gets his own login, which I kind of didn't care for because that is just one more username and password to remember, but I can see why they did it that way. This way the parent's and the child's profile are separate. So the child just has their work on their profile and the parent has the reports and awards on their profile, so they can see how the child is doing. They also have weekly email newsletters that I love. Each week they send the parent an email with a report of what all the child did for that week and how they did. 

CTC Math Review

The bottom of the child's profile/workspace looks like the image below. 

1. Awards & Reports
This is of course where all the Awards and Reports that the child receives are located.

2. Settings
This is the place where you can change the background and input your email incase someone loses the login details

3. Search
This is used to find a particular lesson that you would like them to work on.

4. Speed Skills
This is for them to see what they know and how fast they can go answering the math questions. 

CTC Math Review

A couple important facts from the CTC Math website: 

They are NOT Common Core Aligned 

The site can be accessed 24/7

Grades K-6 can be used as Full Curriculum, Grades 7+ can be used as Supplement

CTC Math can be found on Facebook 


CTCmath Review

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