Critical Thinking Co. Review

Critical Thinking Co. Review

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Oh good your back! I was asked to review one of the Critical Thinking Co.  books entitled Editor in Chief Level 2

Critical Thinking Company Review
We received a physical copy of the book and I had to check it out as soon as we got it. This is what it looks like…

Critical Thinking Co. Review

C.J really likes doing the pages in the book, we did the first two chapters or units together. At first he didn't know what to do so I had to keep reminding him that the examples are in the beginning of the chapters. Every chapter has about 2 pages of about  3 stories. Plus the top right hand corner has bubbles that you can fill in when you find a mistake, that way you can keep track of them (plus it tells you how many you're looking for).  See example below…

Critical Thinking Co. Review

He wanted to do most of it in the same day but I had to tell him that we needed to save some for the next couple of weeks. I'm glad he WANTED to do them. I was shocked, usually he is trying to get out of doing schoolwork but no not this time.

I'm glad we got a chance to review this, he needed something for his Language Arts, something different, so this came at the right time. I did notice maybe one or two errors but nothing to big that we couldn't figure it out and finish it. The pages are easy tear. I'm glad because in the back of the book there are the answers, and with each page having 1 to 2 corrected stories on there, it was too much to just tear out the answer sheets, which is usually what I do. So if they could change something that would be it, maybe a separate book just for the answers, since I know for sure if he knows they're there he will surely look. Just like kids did when I was going to school, but unfortunately only the odd or even-numbered answers were there 😉  I have to admit it was pretty fun looking for the answers with him. The book says Grades 6-8 and I can see it, the book isn't babyish at all. Some of the stories were hard for me, so I'm glad they even gave the answers! I hope you really consider trying this book, I liked it so much that I am looking at getting more books from the Critical Thinking Co. for 8th grade next year!

Some examples of the chapters are:

  • Content
  • Punctuation
  • Conjunctions
  • Pronouns
  • Clauses and
  • Run-on Sentences (just to name a few)

What they have to do in the book is correct the sentences, they have to look everywhere. The caption on the picture could be wrong or something misspelled. They do have to look closely. What I did was had him look at each sentence, read each sentence, and see if he seen anything. Half the time the caption had the correct thing and he just needed to use it to correct the story or the story was half right and he just needed to apply it to fix the caption.  

Here are their social media sites so you can take a look:


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Thank you for reading, if you happen to check them out, come back and tell me what you thought, I'd like to hear it  😀   


Critical Thinking Company Review

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